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Inspiration for the personal style 2009 The Internet is the big looser in the Styletrends survey about the trendiest inspirations for the personal style. Once the media with the greatest authenticity for Fashionistas' style went behind the top-position to the 5th place! Fashion people prefer to get inspired on the street, by art, design, and by 'me, myself'. What has changed the behaviour of the users in the last months? Let's remember the results of the last voting: the online users had a strong active - interactive - approach to the creation of their own style: three of the five first ranked items "Internet", "myself", and "friends" are sources determined by the user himself and change in the moment he interacts. Now, it looks like as if the users had left the interactive field: on the street they can watch others - but normally don't interact. The inspiring sources art, design won't react either. The only 'interactive' position in this ranking that left is 'me, myself'. Do the users become weary of bringing in their own energy? An indicator for this assumption is that the active media Internet lost while in the same time passively useable media like TV or printed magazines grew.


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