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Media information, July 2009

Brand building techniques by using SEO
Brand building lies in the hands of SEO specialists. Fashionoffice gives some advices how to make brands more worthy.
Through the last years, Fashionoffice has collected data from different sources to find out how the bespoken fashion and beauty labels, designers and artists benefit from the editorial articles online. Are there any measureable effects for public relations?

Brand building online
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is essential because search engine rankings are a measurement for the value of a brand. Title tags, keywords and description meta elements, or the easiness for robots to crawl pages are influencing the visibility of a brand online. Although search engines are changing their index-parameters from time to time, one category remains central: links from other sites are counted as one of the most important categories for calculating the relevance of a website. Furthermore, the value of a brand is determined by the visibility of other websites which contain the brand names in their content. The value of a keyword (or brand name) increases in relation to the relevance of this external website and the most searched keywords on the site. Variables for ‘links from outside’ are multilayered such as if the link comes from a generic domain or for example a website that is high ranking in selected keywords.

Country domains push country specific keywords
The newest data from and Quantcast show that the international audience of Fashionoffice is reflected by both well; US is the most active country, followed by Germany, UK, Austria, Korea, Canada, Netherlands, France...
The international audience is almost unnoticeable reported by’s results for the keywords for one of the magazine’s domains: The URL appears through the keyword analysis much more international, although both domains ( are directed to the same space .

The conclusion how to gain country specific and international listings, one of Fashionoffice’s domains is strongly associated with Austrian keywords. After around three years intensive monitoring brand building online, it can be said that country domains are automatically associated stronger with country specific keywords; .com or .org domains have the favour that their internationality is reflected by the keyword or brand rankings.

Most of the traffic comes from search engines, bookmarks, referring pages
Google Analytics records for the most used pages and the high ranking keywords that the users are reaching editorials mostly not from the magazine's cover pages, RSS, mobile sites, or the Trendletter. The recorded high ranking Fashionoffice articles have been written in former years and can only be accessed through the archives of the magazine or from outside (bookmarks, referring pages, by typing in the address...)

Brand strategies, improve failures, and control success
The work of public relations, SEO and other specialists for positioning a brand online is measured by public rankings like, or The interpretation and knowledge how these services are building their ranks is important to explain clients and superiors brand strategies, to improve failures, and control success.

Editor’s note: From the start (2006) and through the years of monitoring brand building by using measurements of third-parties (Google, MSN, Alexa…), Fashionoffice has checked constantly together with official authorities for internet security and administration the reliability of the data delivered by the server of

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