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How do fashion people move through the city? The Styletrends survey about the trendiest styles for moving from one place to another in capital cities shows that public transportation is with 43,75% preferred, followed by motor bike, scooter 31,25% and bicycle 12,50%. At the same time, fashion users vote in the survey about 'Trendiest inspiration for Personal Style' that they preferably get inspired on the street, by art, design, and by 'me, myself'. Another indication for the environmental friendly behaviour (public transportation) is the favorite usage of the mobile phone: from the Styletrends survey 1 July 07 - 9 March 08 we know that fashion addicted users use their phone for Multimedia Messaging Services (32%), followed by good old SMS (23%), and on 3rd place music (21%). Writing SMS and video became trendier through this field period; watch TV lost many percentages. It was a vote for running pictures, but against timed entertainment. The new styles for transportation through capital cities do probably influence the success of mobile communication.


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