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Clever fastening means eating consciously! In spring time fastening is a big theme; clever fastening is healthy and eating consciously is the best way to get the own, perfect body. But sometimes new summer fashion, small bikinis, the fact that we are showing more body than on cold days and our imagination of the ideal body are stressing our self-confidence. No body is perfect! The sensation of humans is that they have different looks, characters, bodies, faces... they are identities. The Viennese initiative against eating disorders 'S-O-ESS' with the motto "No body is perfect" works together with the fashion world, industry and business to communicate that the unrealistic, standardized beauty ideals - slim and for ever young - are no guarantee for recognition, success, and happiness. By the way: who wants to have a standardized look? Probably the initiative is typical for Viennese people who would never neglect delicious food. By the end of 2008 Rosi Cobra, she cooks for fashion people in Vienna, said: "I think it's the same story all over the world when it comes to Fashionistas and Food – people hardly eat at all in order to wear size zero. But that's stupid, because enjoying food is one of the nicest and even sexiest things I can imagine. As always, it's the amount that counts. Therefore in the fashion szene I put lot's of stress on healthy and fresh ingredients and often serve Mediterranean food – like sautéd vegetables, prosecco-plums or veggie-crêpes." Rosi Cobra. If you are planning to fasten in the next weeks, do it clever. While eating little, drink fluids. Fasting has positive effects on our figure (we loose weight), our blood (fasting encourages detoxification), we build up our immune system, and we get new energies. But we have to reduce to the essentials carefully. “Nearly all of the altogether nine plant extracts included in Carpe Diem Botanic Water Harmonising stimulate the metabolism and are used traditionally in spring cures. And the high mineral content serves to balance electrolyte metabolism,” explains Professor Franz about Carpe Diem. Check out the video by LA based director, animator and artist Andrew Huang about a machine with a doll face that mimics faces on television screen in search to get a similar visage. The creature on the video breaks on the pictures of the media because she had no own identity.


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