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Personal Style 2009 The voting of this field period of the Styletrends survey shows that the trendiest personal styles are Vintage, Classic, Unique and Glamour. The results are congruent with the trendiest Men's Style in the positions Vintage and Classic. The 'star'-appearance - connoted with Unique and Glamour - is attributed this year much more closely to females. This circumstance is even reflected in the spring/summer 2009 fashion by the accentuation of female forms with sculptured or voluminous skirts which are taking more room than clothes did the years before. Women's wear becomes this summer season 09 obviously more different to men’s wear...

Men's Style 2009 Fashionoffice's half-yearly Styletrends for Men's Style reflect the current trend for a more simple lifestyle and the growing consciousness for cultural heritage: Modern Vintage is with 26,61% the favorite men's style, followed by Simple (11,59%) and Classical (11,16%)...


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