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spring/summer 2009

Jewellery made of Formula 1 and Air Race Jets material

In spring 2009 the Austrian design label Purisme presented its fourth product after the pipe, the letter opener and the Yoyo for adults: a bracelet which looks like a black diamond. The lightness and durability of the bracelet comes from its carbon fibres.

Question: Isn't the carbon fibre a material normally used for cars or aeroplanes?

Purisme: "The texture of Carbon fibre is in different styles available. If you take a few hundred yard it would also be possible to generate your own type. The fibre which we are using (aero texture, twill weave 2x2, 245g/m2) is a special one for formula 1 monocoques or air race jets."

Question: Is it typical that the carbon fibres are woven this way to get more strength or is the weaving part of your design?

Purisme: "The fibre strand is called "roving" and contains 3000 filaments. Each one is 6 times thinner than a human hair. Carbon fibre is 100% carbon extremely light weight and stronger than steel. Basically the fibre is woven to get more strength, that is correct but it depends also on the different requirements which texture type is the right one."

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