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'The Standard' collection
summer 2009

City tips inside boardshorts

On 8 Aug 2009, the California headquartered sports fashion label Quiksilver (founded 1969) and The Standard hotels will launch their 'boardshorts'-project 'The Standard' with a pool party on the rooftop of The Standard Downtown LA.

The outfitter for boardriding, Quiksilver re-issued a series of men's boardshorts, originally designed in the 70s and 80s during the new wave, post punk era. The patterns of 'The Standard' shorts are inspired by the Standard hotels in Hollywood, Downtown LA, Miami, and NY. Inside, on the waistband you can find a Quik Tips City Guide. The list of addresses is curated by Natas Kaupas (Skateboarding legend and Quiksilver Creative Director) and corresponds to 5 destinations near each of the hotels.

fig.: 'The Standard' men's boardshorts by Quiksilver, 2009. On the waistband are addresses only, without description; which makes the surprise effect perfect. If you don't want any surprises, you can check the website

The 'Downtown LA' short has red and white polka dots on a black background. The addresses inside the shorts lead you to the art scene in this town such as to 'Ooga Booga', a bookstore with artist‐made jewelry, clothing and music by local talents.

The 'Hollywood' shorts have grey stars (stars = Hollywood) on blue background. Inside the shorts you will not find film but music tips like the 'Spaceland' where Beck, Elliot Smith and the Silver Sun Pickups have performed. It's a place where musicians 'must have' played.

The 'Miami' comes with yellow waistband and hems. The Cuban cuisine is the leading theme of the addresses inside: restaurants, bars, and cafés.

The 'New York' is black with gold accents. Summer in this city is hot! Inside the shorts you will find a list of cooling places with unexpected water features such as the MOMA Sculpture Garden.

The limited edition (250 of each product) is available online at, in poolside vending machines (which play a video by Cheryl Dunn!), and at 'The Standard' boutiques. Girls who don't want to wear men's boardshorts can get 'The Standard' bikini.

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