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A roboquin, dancing to the magical downtempo by Richard Dorfmeister and Rupert Huber, known as 'Tosca'
Watch out the video 'Birthday' by Tosca from the new album 'No Hassle', where a roboquin is dancing!
In April 2009 the Viennese Richard Dorfmeister and Rupert Huber - they know each other from schooldays - have released their fifth album 'No-Hassle'. Rupert Hofer is the piano and sound artist while Richard Dorfmeister brings in the downtempo, magical beat, proved since many years such in the globally renowned formation 'Kruder and Dorfmeister'. For the new album they have mixed analog and digital, live instruments and sampling. On the website of the new Tosca album you can find Richard Dorfmeister's and Rupert Hofer's statements about the album, which is about contemplation and concentration: hearing he music helps to make free from pressures from outside or internally. For Rupert Hofer the aim was to make "... An album to invest one hour of your attention and concentration, almost like an audio massage."

Th are on tour (partly with visual artist Fritz Fitzke): 16 May 2009 Leuven, Belgium; 20 May Graz, Austria; 4 June Cologne, Germany; 5 June Hamburg, Germany; 6 June Berlin, Germany etc.


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