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An invitation to become designer of retro glam couture furniture with modern appeal; seen at Maison Ventury Paris SS09
In spring 2009 the founder of the French Ventury Group Emmanuel Touraine presents the early launched label Maison Ventury Paris with the debut collection entitled 'Divine' created by designer Vincent Cadena. The luxurious furniture collection is inspired by French elegant lifestyle. The lounge chair expresses modern retro glam chic of the Parisian 80ies.

At the same time, the two fashion and lifestyle addicted had the idea to motivate their clients to become a designer of luxurious pieces: they started the 'Bespoke/Ventury Service' and invite clients to play with forms, colors...

"Reflecting French's standards of style and elegance, our designs take inspiration from the poise and glamour of Parisian chic. The philosophy is simple: design should pay homage to the past, while embracing the future. It should take on a new sensibility, a bold approach." says the founder of the Ventury Group (since 1994) and former Elite Model Agency’s Partner Emmanuel Touraine (40). In 2009 Emmanuel Touraine founded the label 'Maison Ventury Paris'. He describes it as the 'Couture Line of Furniture'.

The interior collection 'Divine' is created by designer Vincent Cadena (29). The pieces come in a limited edition and, similar to art pieces, created in very low numbers in progression. It is planned that the items will be produced only once. They are fully made by hand in accordance with Ventury's devotion to the tradition of French craftmanship.

"A couture furniture, on average, comprises 60 different sections of materials and metal that require 12 separate production stages. Every procedure is invariably carried out by hand during a production process that demands approximately 19 hours of work for each single furniture and the involvement of at least 5 specialist craftsmen."

Invitation to become designer: On occasion of the launch of the new label Maison Ventury Paris, Emmanuel Touraine and Vincent Cadena had the idea to start a new service where the customer can become the designer: Ventury/Bespoke allows clients to create and personalize a piece of design by playing with modern shapes, numerous colors and materials. Only the manufacturing is furthermore in the hands of the French specialists.

"Because each customer is unique, each piece of design must also be unique. If one of the pieces in our collection attracts our customers' eyes, they can have it customized following their inspiration. They can choose from a variety of precious materials or colored parts."

About the Ventury Group: Maison Ventury Paris is a division of the Ventury Group. It was founded 1994 as a platform for lifestyle design products from furniture to fabrics, lighting to accessories, contributed by designers, stylists, architects... who present their ideal for living or working, their dream of the perfect interiors


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