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Surprise and shock with edgy jewellery; seen at Zoe Kendall SS09
In June 2009 the UK unisex art-jewellery designer Zoe Kendall invites to a 'Voyage To The ‘Dead Deep’, if you dare…' at the London Jewellery Week (8 June - 14 June 2009) where she will launch her new collections ‘Precious Creatures’ and ‘Rough Cut.’

At the same time, the jewellery store Kabiri will create ‘A Window into Wearable Art’ as part of London Jewellery Week with Central Saint Martin’s graduate Zoe Kendall's pieces alongside other edgy designers. In cooperation with illustrator Ted Pearce (Team Mega Mix), Kabiri and London based designer Zoe Kendall are working on the presentation of an alternative vision for the future of jewellery, art and our globe!

Question: What is 'Dead Deep' about?

Zoe Kendall: "'Dead Deep' will be my next collection/project - which will be focusing on blurring the boundaries of jewellery and art - so you can either see the work as art within a jewellery context or jewellery within the context of art..."

Question: What was your inspiration, what can be seen?

Zoe Kendall: "It's inspired by sea monsters, prehistoric sea creatures, sharks, weird fish, mythical beasts of the ocean etc...... and it's really about showing people that jewellery doesn't have to be pretty, in fact, it can be pretty damn scary, or ugly, or mean. I already hinted at this with my current collection 'precious creatures' which features sculptural jewellery in the form of worms, birds, and little critters with eyeballs staring back at you, challenging your expectations and surprising you. But also doing a really good job of being cute and funny at the same time."

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