Review: 9/11 in New York – ten years later
by Karin Sawetz, September 2011

On 9/11, my colleague at Fashionoffice ( and I decided to make ‘Atmos’-pictures for the online-video documentary about the New York Fashion Week 2001.

“From the Empire State Building or the World Trade Center?”

We had been too early at the Empire State Building and I can remember that we waited at a Starbucks nearby until the elevators to the platform opened. We stood in a long row of people in the basement of the building. Then we heard people yelling – “Have they missed the train?” “Nobody yells because of a missed train.” Soon later we all had to leave the house because of a ‘dilemma’.

On my phone was my brother (at this time the phone connections in New York were still ok) and told me that I shall avoid skyscrapers. “We are in Manhattan.”

I couldn’t believe that an airplane crashes on a clear, sunny day into a building.

Video: The video is from Fashionoffice’s experimental online-TV years in the late 1990s/early 2000 when only few users had the chance to receive videos without interruption on their computers. The sound is not original (it is delivered by the 'I'm feeling lucky'-option) - a randomly sound. Originally, the pictures are accompanied by a text which is spoken in German. In September 2001, the Austrian-Turkish designer Atil Kutoglu was one of the last ones who were interviewed for the NY Fashion Week documentary before 9/11. The show pictures are from the Atil Kutoglu spring/summer 2002 collection (watch the video: runway with interviews) which was about cultural understanding, fashionably expressed in combinations of red/white flags of Austria and Turkey in women’s ready to wear.
Fashionoffice started in 1995 with a study about online and 1996 with its first editorial online magazine; 1997, the next channel followed – dedicated to broadband videos, which was at that time brand new and a technical challenge. For the technical side, Fashionoffice collaborated with an Austrian provider. This is even the reason why Fashionoffice runs its content on different URLs – (the video channel) was installed on the server which was tested with broadband users and videos – we had to separate it because of ‘uncertain’ technical circumstances.

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