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30 April 2011 - Video for the 'Lightning in the Bottle'-music and arts festival with organic-electronic sound multi-instrumentalist Emancipator (aka Doug Appling) from Portland (Oregon, US), who has already received a Puma sponsorship for his musical work, and The Glitch Mob. From 27 to 30 May, expected 7000 people will attend the festival's art installations (from interactive pieces to larger-than-life sculptures), workshops on body and mind, yoga, etc. and music performances by Thievery Corporation, Bonobo, Nick Warren... in Southern California. For kids, the festival organisers have built a magical place called 'MagiKidz village' for playful educational activities

30 April 2011 - Backstage at Lady Gaga, preparing for the concert New York. Now, the documentary about the two concerts from February 2011 at Madison Square Garden (New York) debuts on 7 May on the international TV channel HBO.

29 April 2011 - Sarah Burton's design of the wedding dress for Kate Middleton
Even wedding refuseniks can not escape from the fact that the 29th April 2011 is the historical day of one special dress. Daily news providers worldwide are commenting the dress of Kate Middleton's Royal Wedding. Probably one of the articles with the most detailed insights into the design of the gown by Sarah Burton (creative director of the fashion house Alexander McQueen), the tiara, the earrings and the shoes is published on CBS News; accompanied by an extensive slideshow. Even the critical reflections on the design have already started such as seen on, where Sondra Grace, head of the fashion department at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, analyses similarities to Grace Kelly's wedding dress.

29 April 2011 - Fashion designer, his nature inspired new pieces and the country-folk music of Neil Young
John Rocha makes his collections for the ones who are interested in fashion but who are not fashion victims...

29 April 2011 - Re-listen: 'I changed my mind' by Lyrics Born and The Poets of Rhythm in a Stereo MC remix
The awarded music video for the song 'I changed my Mind' (released on the collaborative label 'Quannum', 1999) by Lyrics Born (San Francisco, US) and the German retro-funk band The Poets of Rhythm in a remix by the British Stereo MCs was created by the members of the British animators/illustrators collective Shynola. They have already worked for Nike, Playstation... and made music videos for Beck or Unkle

28 April 2011 - Sound designer, studio musicians and video animators
...collaborated for the music video 'Turn' from the recently released album 'Amongst Giants' by the Innsbruck (AT) based sound designer/composer/producer Matthias Hacksteiner who recorded the 10 tracks with eleven studio musicians of classical instruments like piano, violin, etc. as well as electronic sound creators. The artwork for the video (directed by Markus Wagner) - it shows impressions of human culture vs. nature as a run against the intoxication of air - comes from members of the Austrian collective Find more information about the album on

28 April 2011 - Video about how digital sounds are made with physical objects
...presented by the experimental sound designer Amon Tobin on occasion of the release of his new psychedelic album 'Isam' (physically on 23 May). On you can find the digital album, photographs of human insects, information about the musician's collaborative art installation with Saatchi Collection artist Tessa Farmer 'ISAM: Control Over Nature' from 26 May to 5 June at The Crypt Gallery in London...

28 April 2011 - Music video 'True Loves' inspired by French sci-fi comic strip creator Moebius
...for Hooray For Earth's album 'True Loves' (already on iTunes, physical release of the song and 6 additional remixes on 7 June) is directed by Alex Takacs from the LA based production team Young Replicant, who says about the non-linear story of two persons on a hunt through times and spaces: "The video is an homage to our favorite Russian and Eastern-European cult sci-fi. French artist Moebius and early Metal Hurlant were also big visual influences. It's about mindscapes and the memory of true love." Reality-fiction artist Jean Giraud alias 'Moebius' (after the German mathematician) creates comic strips that are non-linear narrations to involve the reader in generating meaning.

27 April 2011 - Women-documentary 'Yes, We Are'
...with focus on queer activists in Poland is the debut film of Berlin based Magda Wystub (direction, idea, and camera together with US video-activist Katrina Schaffer). The sociologist Madga Wystub is engaged since 15 years into gender related projects and works as journalist and climbing trainer. The official premiere of the documentary is announced for 15 May in Berlin; the Interdisciplinary Conference (working language English) 'Import - Export - Transport. Queer Theory, Queer Critique and Activism in Motion' at the University of Vienna (28 - 30 April) invites on 29 April to a pre-premiere of the documentary

27 April 2011 - Street and underground artists on the 'Royal Wedding'
...seen at the British magazine WeAreHQ which has collaborated with 6 artists and sports fashion label Puma for a Royal Sneaker Collection. The one of Murab has not the funniest design - but the leather sole with stitching shows humour with style; decide yourself.

27 April 2011 - Swimwear design which follows the idea of 'pureness'
The Italian lingerie label Porzia T presented pieces from the 'Collezione Belmonte', inspired by the living place of Shakespeare's Porzia from 'The Merchant of Venice'...

26 April 2011 - The visualisation of a lifestyle under the motto 'part of a whole'
...such as we are experiencing it increasingly today in our world of computer clouds and online networks. Canadian artist David Altmejd's mirror-glass, fibre-wire installations with human heads, spiders and insects (first installation on the video 'The Swarm' from 2011), are reflecting themselves and the surrounding space which apply a 'breathing' organic alike appeal to the works. For David Altmejd, an object has the same presence like the viewer - they are existing in the same space. Brooklyn based writer and art/internet lecturer Paddy Johnson publishes her impressions of David Altmejd's artworks on

25 April 2011 - Formula 1 Men Style
Fashionoffice has collected some pieces for a sportive-elegant style such as jeanswear by the French couture house Pierre Cardin for the Turkish Grand Prix from 6 to 8 May 2011 in Istanbul.

25 April 2011 - Music video 'Follow' by the Spanish electronic-folk band 'Crystal Fighters'
...directed by Spanish/English storyteller Ian Pons Jewell, who answers Patricia J. Friedrich, student of history of art at the University of Vienna (Austria), questions (in German/English) about the aesthetics of the video and the underlying intentions

25 April 2011 - "Run little rabbit run"
...sings Nick Cave on 'Money and Run' by Unkle, just released on the five track EP 'Only The Lonely' with other collaborative songs like 'The Dog Is Black' feat. Liela Moss of The Duke Spirit

24 April 2011 - Female artist created 'lingerie armor'
The video shows Karachi (Pakistan) based artist Naiza H Khan, who speaks about her researches on the female body which she expressed as Jeanne d'Arc armor alike sculptures in an exhibition at a Londoner gallery. 'The Skin She Wears' was later on show at Art Dubai 2010.

24 April 2011 - Female writers and their fashionable expressions
Writers and fashion! Some pieces of the Fashionoffice 'Beach Style' are designed by female writers. The swimwear and sandal wedges are the creations by a fashion editor of 'Elle' magazine, and the bag with the Mae West quote about the self-image of a woman and how it is constructed out of her relationship to men, is designed by a female who has released her knowledge about the 'Ex' even as a book.

23 April 2011 - Free and independent information about culture online
Some thoughts about net neutrality for all the ones who are interested not only in the information they get about fashion, beauty and art, but also into the sources and the delivering methods of news - both are necessary to evaluate the content. The video provides even a tip for independent content creators. Fashionoffice has recently published results of studies from the last five years

23 April 2011 - Electronic mix 'Invaded by my own' by Shroomtune aka Christian Finsterwalder
...who is known online as member of the Austrian Alpine 'Tyrolean Dynamite Crew'; recently Christian Finsterwalder contributed the music ('incomplete' feat. Eva Elekktra) to a snowboard movie - seen on

22 April 2011 - Archaic-futuristic fashion, seen at a video with electronic sound
The collection of insect armor/astronaut suits is created by Buenos Aires, Argentina based design label trosman by Jessica Trosman who experiments with the surface of the material; her studio looks partly like a car repair service where the surface of fashion material is colored like metal of vehicles.

22 April 2011 - Reality and trompe-l’œil effects created by a Haute Couture team for a hotel in Paris
The video provides insights into the re-creation of the hotel ‘Maison Champs-Elysées’ in Paris by the team of the French couture house Maison Martin Margiela, which "...creates a theatrical environment where reality and trompe-l’œil are mixing together." The founder of the maison, Belgian designer Martin Margiela has left the house in 2009. Since then, Maison Martin Margiela was the first couture house which has made creative 'team-work' part of its overall concept.

22 April 2011 - Silk textile painting technique starring at a social media-music video project
Turkish artist Hikmet Barutcugil (studied textile design, lecturer of arts) experiments with the traditional 'marbling' technique which is developed from the different consistencies of water and color pigments. For the social media-video project, he choreographs live a 'water dance' in front of the camera to the song 'Lucky Me' from the new album 'Home Sweet Home' by the electronic duo Project Jenny, Project Jan.

21 April 2011 - Video invitation to Lady Gaga's 'Monster Ball Tour' HBO (Home Box Office). The producer of series like Sex and the City, The Sopranos, or Six Feet Under, will broadcast exclusively Lady Gaga's 'Monster Ball Tour' (filmed in February 2011 at the shows in Madison Square Garden) on 7 May. Until then, users can take previews - each week a new. More on Facebook

21 April 2011 - Teaser movie for a design/fashion quarter in Vienna
...presented by '7tm', a network of around 40 shops. The new shop guide (a map) is published online and will be released on paper on 22 April

20 April 2011 - What shall a 'Fashion Film' fulfil? a discussion that runs on The Fashion Spot about the short movie 'The Crush' with Julia Restoin Roitfeld (daughter of legendary French Vogue chief editor) and her boy friend model Robert Konjic in a story about a woman and her car driver. Director Indira Cesarine, who has made the movie for the video magazine XXXX - founded in 2009 by herself, posts on The Fashion Spot: "I think the issue here is that many people just don't have an understanding of the "Fashion Film" as a genre yet - as it is such a new thing that hasn't really infiltrated the mass market yet... "fashion films" like The Crush, are not meant to be oscar winning shorts, they are produced as fashion editorials in "motion"..." You can view 'The Crush' with more details about the crew on

20 April 2011 - Ugly man & beautiful woman
Fashionoffice has received some pieces of a new collection with an image which remembers the deep-rooted story that an ugly male being becomes beautiful through a woman...

19 April 2011 - Fashion video 'Day for Nite'
...showing the spring/summer 2011 collection by Hamburg (DE) based designer Anna Fuchs. The movie begins with women in light, easy floating elegant dresses entering the Hamburg underground...

19 April 2011 - Ambient-rock 'We Can Make It Out' by UK band Spokes (Ninja Tune)
Yesterday, they have released the new single '3, 4, 5', included are additional remixes - a very emotional, spheric sound; listen it here Spokes are on tour: today in Hamburg (DE), 20 April Münster (DE), 21 April Giessen (DE), 22 April Graz (AT)... followed by cities in UK like Oxford, Hatfield, London...

19 April 2011 - Models popping out of water whirls
... seen at the 'Hologram Runway Show' by Burberry that was held on 13 April in Beijing on occasion of the opening of a store which is equipped with multimedia features like LED video walls.

18 April 2011 - A 'censored' dance video by an artist who...
...usually worked with found footage. The video 'Breakaway' from 1966 by Bruce Conner (a 'father' of music videos) shows songwriter, choreograph... Toni Basil (aka Antonia Christina Basilotta, she sings the song herself) dancing in front of the artist's camera. A signature style of Bruce Conner was the looping of scenes (non-linear elements) which became part of his narration; such as Toni Basil gets undressed and dressed again - in the uncensored video. Now, the Kunsthalle Zürich presents Conner’s film works such as 'Breakaway' or "...'Marilyn Times Five' (1968–1973), a soft porn film from the 1940s in which a topless Monroe look-alike alternately holding an apple and Coca-Cola bottle in her hand flirts with the camera to a soundtrack of the song I’m Through with Love."

18 April 2011 - Non-linear story with erotic twist
The 'non-linear' media concept of a natural mineral water label in form (several devices/play stations) and content (various times, erotic twist)...

18 April 2011 - Computer/video art on the non-linearity of media
...and the active role of the recipient by the Korean born Nam June Paik, who is known as the 'father' of video art. He has anticipated the new 'TV'-culture long before it was technologically possible. Now, the Nam June Paik Art Center shows the work of the visionary artist under the title 'Mediascape, à pas de Nam June Paik' from 15 April to 3 July 2011 in Gyeonggi-do (Korea). The term 'mediascape' "..indicates a shifting configuration of the world in global flows, the driving force of which is the availability and distribution of new media and technology. ...The exhibition pays attention to the way Nam June Paik anticipated the advent of the mediascape, which we are living in today, long before those theorists conceptualized it."

17 April 2011 - Movie about the 'Anonymous' creator of famous words a hypothetical story about the secret author behind William Shakespeare's plays, poems, sonnets, which had been written in the political situation during the Elizabethan era in England; the pictures of the shadowy Renaissance (16th/17th century) are directed by Roland Emmerich (comes into cinemas in fall 2011).

17 April 2011 - Programmer of light about the construction of society
The video shows words (extracts of the fundamental rights inhabitants of the European Union have) on the Grande Palais in Paris. Scottish born (1969) in Finland living Charles Sandison says in a portrait that he is playing too much with computers; the artist directs with an own written computer program the words that are running on the walls of the virtual reading rooms. They are telling the story about human communication and how society is structured today. At this time, Charles Sandison's 'Reading Glass' is part of the exhibition 'Paradise Lost' (until 24 July) at Istanbul Modern (Turkey), where digital media and videos by 21 artists about the relationship between humans, nature, technology and the environment are on show

16 April 2011 - Secrets of nature for beautiful skin
According to researchers, the secrets of beautifiers from nature are the chemical processes that are evoked by their ingredients. They have researched nutrition for a fresh, sun kissed teint.

16 April 2011 - Computer art in a gallery
...presented by the School of Visual Arts (SVA) in New York; the faculty focuses on experimentation in arts and art-related fields. On 22 and 23 April, the SVA invites to the MFA Computer Art Open Studios 2011 where multidisciplinary projects (video, animation, audio, interactive installations, physical computing) will be on show. "As digital art evolves, the line between it and contemporary art is disappearing. We see it simply as art, using digital techniques to enable creativity," states department chair Bruce Wands.

16 April 2011 - Insights into the work of a fashion chronicler
The new documentary 'Bill Cunningham New York' is about the life and work of street- and event-photographer Bill Cunningham, who contributes since the 1970s photographs to The New York Times. Vogue editor Anna Wintour says: "We all get dressed for Bill"...

15 April 2011 - Photo shooting with Formula 1 driver Michael Schumacher
...with Swiss photographer Michel Comte. Now, Navyboot will present on occasion of the Formula 1 weekend in Shanghai (15-17 April) the limited sneaker collection 'MSone' on 16 April at the Modern Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCA). The collection was created in collaboration between Michael Schumacher and Creative Director Adrian J. Margelist; exclusively available on from 17 April on.

15 April 2011 - Eco-drink that is made in a beer brewery in Germany
The video (directed by Tim Gorbauch; unfortunately published without English subtitles - but the pictures give a quite good impression of the work style of the family owned business) provides insights into the old brewery in Germany which has changed from beer to a non-alcoholic organically production company for refreshment drinks in 1995. Now, Bionade's cooperation with fashion is announced by the Modepalast (fair with focus on green fashion) in Vienna at the party on 30 April

15 April 2011 - A sewing machine and a bicycle in an environmental friendly production romance
...seen at the movie that was sent by the Madrid (Spain) based design label Peseta. The limited edition of bicycle caps are packed into a wooden cheese box which is loaded with the story of the romance between a sewing- and a pedal machine (movie on DVD included); the overall concept of a city biker lifestyle is exclusively available at the New Museum in New York.

15 April 2011 - Art works by Yoko Ono, Nara Yoshitomo...
...for sale at the 'The Great East Japan Earthquake Charity' on 16 and 17 April, organised by the Mori Art Museum. The proceeds will be donated to disaster victims through the Japanese Red Cross Society. "Bearing the question of what can be done through art today, artists, stakeholders in the world of art, and art enthusiasts ..." invites Nanjo Fumio, Director of the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo.

15 April 2011 - Electronic Indian dance 'Moonlit Horizons-Desert Dwellers' by David Starfire (Remix)
The San Francisco (US) based producer/DJ David Starfire is one of the musicians who will perform at the Alchemeyez Visionary Art Congress (art, music, meditation, fashion... with focus on humanity and nature) in Hawaii (13-15 May). At this peaceful festival, it's probably hard to keep with the feet on earth; take a preview

14 April 2011 - Italian photographer about the political impact of images
Martina Bacigalupo, winner of the Canon/AFJ Female Photojournalist Award 2010, speaks in an interview about her exploration of the life of wounded women and gay men in Africa. With the financial support of the Canon Female Photojournalist Award granted by the Association des Femmes Journalistes (AFJ), Martina Bacigalupo followed Fielda, a woman from Uganda. More about this project and the call for submission to this year's award (deadline 31 May - 8 000 Euros for a woman photographer with a photojournalistic project) on

14 April 2011 - Happy Easter!
Fashionoffice Insight by publisher Karin Sawetz...

14 April 2011 - Behind the scenes of the new version of Janis Joplin's song "Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes-Benz" from 1971
...with vocals by Grammy award winning singer/songwriter Estelle and Daley (collaborated with Gorillaz for 'Doncamatic' 2010), music and production by David Banner (Grammy Award winning producer, rapper, actor) is now presented by the British style magazine Blag which has organised the cooperation between the musicians. The car in the video (directed by the publishers of Blag, Sally A. Edwards and Sarah J. Edwards) is a Mercedes-Benz 280 SE Convertible (Model W111, built in 1971). On 18th April, Blag releases the track with accompanying video ‘Benz’ via iTunes.

13 April 2011 - Alpine style on a bikini?
...seen at an Aqua-collection.

13 April 2011 - Re-design of a 1950s boot
Mister Freedom collects clothing, accessories, books... from all over the world. Since some years, Mister Freedom creates own designs of vintage products that look contemporary stylish.

13 April 2011 - Provocative viral art interdisciplinary artist/designer Lou Susi (US) is about social dynamics. Now, Lou Susi's work is announced to be presented this spring at the thesis show of the MFA Dynamic Media Institute (DMI) program at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design (since 1873, US). Lou Susi explores the space between the 'natural' and the 'virtual' world: "My work explores this ‘beweenSpace' by creating playful, performative, cyberSurreal experiences for the user-participant. Using both pretend and prototyped devices, I touch and tickle the subtle boundaries of our everShifting social conventions as increasingly influenced, stretched and blurred over time by the introduction of new inventions into our technoHumanic ecosystem."

12 April 2011 - Trailer of a documentary about the similarities of different folk dance styles
The film shows similarities of European Alpine dance styles and tap dance, Irish dance, and flamenco (it's especially the stamping with the shoes). The documentary 'Bödälä - Dance the Rhythm' by Gitta Gsell will introduce into the world of dance on 18 May at the pre-event of the International dance festival ImPulsTanz in Vienna (14 July - 14 August

12 April 2011 - Celebrities from music, fashion, film... Iggy Pop, Kanye West, Patti Smith, Kate Moss, Justin Timberlake, Johnny Depp, Sharon Stone... appear in the Grammy awarded video (directed by Tony Kaye) 'God's Gonna Cut You Down' by Johnny Cash. The video was released posthumous in 2006.

12 April 2011 - Shirt prints: graffiti-digital, playful, simplified
Fashionoffice has picked some examples of women's and men's t-shirts that were sent most recently...

12 April 2011 - Water splash party on the streets
Between 13 and 15 April, the Songkran festival is celebrating the traditional New Year's Day in Thailand; Songkran (means 'change, move', an astrological passage) is also compareable to the Christian's awakening festival Easter. On these days, people are cleaning the Buddha statues with water which is later used to bless each other; the blessing on the video looks like a big water splash street party! Fashionoffice has just received a 'Greetings with a big SPLASH for Songkran Festival!'-card from the Bangkok International Fashion Fair BIFF and BIL 2011 (20-24 April 2011,

12 April 2011 - Text on t-shirts of football players
...represented as mannequins is an artwork with the title 'Maportaliche/It Has No Importance' by the Algerian writer and journalist Mustapha Benfodi. The outdoor installation has produced controversies at the Sharjah Biennial 10 (runs until 16 May), United Arab Emirates. The controversial text is not the theme in the media; but the dismissal of the foundation's director Jack Persekian who says according to that he has overlooked a detail.

12 April 2011 - 'Money and Run' by Unkle feat. Nick Cave
...sings "run little rabbit run - take the money and run" on the five track EP 'Only The Lonely' (released April) which provides new songs like 'The Dog Is Black' feat. Liela Moss of The Duke Spirit

11 April 2011 - Awarded design of a backpack for mountain bikers
The recently 'red dot' awarded backpack will be exhibited from 5 July until 1 August 2011 at a museum with one of the world largest permanent exhibition spaces for contemporary design...

11 April 2011 - Country post-punk rock 'Airstream Driver' by Gomez
...from the album 'A New Tide'. Now, the UK/US band Gomez announces the new release 'Whatever's on your mind' (comes out in June) that the pre-order starts on 18 April on, where the band (members are from US-Los Angeles, Brooklyn and Brighton-UK) offers the album's first single 'Options' as free download to give a preview to the "summer soundtrack... fresh feeling of rebirth and awakening."

10 April 2011 - Documentary about becoming a fashion professional insight into the work of teachers and students of the Fashion Program at the School of the Art Institute (SAIC) in Chicago (US). Since 77 years, the SAIC helds fashion shows. For 5 May, the largest ever in the shows' 77-year history is announced together with the annual fashion benefit gala 'The Walk 2011' presented by Swarovski

10 April 2011 - Grunge/New Wave track 'I Think I Like U 2' by the Paris based duo Jamaica
...consisting of Antoine Hilaire and Flo Lyonnet from the debut album 'No Problem'. Jamaica is on tour: 13 April Washington (US), 14 +15 April New York (US),... followed by other cities in US and Canada; in June in Germany, Spain, Switzerland...

9 April 2011 - New video by Naish Kiteboarding TV with female boarder Jalou Langeree (started kiting with 12)
...seen on (the French label Soöruz was founded 1999 by the professional riders Matthieu Barrat und Yann Dalibot). Soöruz has sent the color trend information for girls 2011: yellow in combination with white; such as the white boardshorts 'Hollywood' with yellow flowers and black birds singing into green/white twitter-bubbles.

9 April 2011 - Design, water, earth
The collection of bottles is showing international water resources like the Amazon river together with a corresponding collection of Google Earth-postcards at a design event from 12 - 17 April in Milan...

8 April 2011 - Artist about the creation of a global garden
"Today, it's not so much about elsewhere, it's more about when," says French artist Pierre Huyghe about the garden installation 'La saison des fêtes' - each plant represents a celebration day through the year from different cultures (Palacio de Cristal in Madrid, Spain, 2010). Pierre Huyghe has received awards like the Hugo Boss Prize in 2002 or recently the Smithsonian American Art Museum's Contemporary Artist Award. Now, the University of Chicago (US) announces an evening with Pierre Huyghe on 15 April. Pierre Huyghe will discuss his work such as 'The Host and the Cloud' (film about an absent subject) with Jennifer Wild, Assistant Professor in the Department of Cinema and Media Studies and Hamza Walker, Associate Curator and Director of Education at The Renaissance Society

8 April 2011 - Pleasure of a rain dance
...seen at a new video for women's and men's wear spring 2011...

8 April 2011 - Spheric gypsy folk soul '100 Other Lovers' by DeVotchKa
The new video tells the romantic story of a Babuschka (a Russian woman - DeVotchka means in Russian 'girl, woman') - dressed in traditional Eastern European costume, who frees her birds. The song is from the album '100 Lovers' (released on 1 March) by the Grammy awarded Denver (Colorado, US) based band. They are combining Eastern European traditional music from Slavic and Balkan Romanic language regions with American folk and Mariachi rhythms.

7 April 2011 - Vivienne Westwood asks in the 'Cool Earth' quiz video...
"I'm wearing a garment called a Cushma and my question is what do Peruvian women make this Cushma out of, what do they use to make it and what is it made from." The answer can be found online. Today, Cool Earth announced that 70 acres in Peru are now protected under the name of rainforest supporter Vivienne Westwood by Pamela Anderson; the 70 acres are the birthday gift by the American actress and animal rights activist Pamela Anderson for Vivienne Westwood on occasion of the designer's 70th birthday on 8 April

7 April 2011 - Re-listen: ''Fade Up' by Shawn Lee feat. The Superimposers
...from the 'Sing a Song' album (released in summer 2010). The American in London based musician Shawn Lee publishes on his website a video with work examples of the soundtracks he has made such as for movies like Oceans 13, The Break Up, The Bank Job... the TV series Lost, Desperate Housewives, CSI: Miami, Ugly Betty... and tracks for BMW, Jaguar, Barclays, Head and Shoulders... skate, snowboarding, surf films or even a video game

7 April 2011 - Cultural managers and teacher discussing the economy of creative industries
...on the video page of DOXA, an international research collective that explores cultural economy and perspectives for artists, designers, musicians, architects, software programers... Now, the Doxa hosts the event 'AMASS: Towards an Economy of the Commons' on 16 April in London. The ones who can not attend are invited to send their ideas, case studies, projects on the theme as interviews, text, or films

6 April 2011 - 'Asian Burger' created by nutrition science students
...of the Dominician University (Illinois, US). The burger looks like an American Burger, but has Asian ingredients. Now, Dominican’s apparel design and merchandising department invites to a discussion about 'Perfection: Media and Body Image in the World of Fashion' on 19 April

6 April 2011 - New media packed into old fashioned archive tool
...seen at the 'Wedding Journal' for the collection of remembrance material like classical photos or new media such as DVD...

6 April 2011 - Tom Chaplin, lead singer of the British band Keane, about the opening event of a high-tech fashion store in Beijing
On 13 April, the British band Keane will perform at the Burberry flagship store opening in Beijing (China). The store, designed by Burberry Chief Creative Officer Christopher Bailey, is the brand’s most technologically advanced one; it is equipped with a digital exterior 9x5 flat screen LED video walls showcasing the brand’s multimedia content. The event on 13 April will be live streamed globally on

5 April 2011 - 'Official' music videos and fan productions
On 14 April, the virtual exhibition 'Internet killed the Video Star' will open at the 'real space' of the NRW-Forum Düsseldorf with music by DJ Toulouse Low Trax (member of the electronic group Kreidler), who will play YouTube videos instead of records...

5 April 2011 - Outdoor style
Sportive images of biking, walking, running... navigate through cities and mountains in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and South Tyrol...

5 April 2011 - Counting people; Austria Insight by publisher Karin Sawetz
In Austria - probably like in many other countries too, governmental institutions can change personal data. It just happened to myself at a public office where the entry for some years of my life...

4 April 2011 - Dessous and Homewear spring/summer 2011 photo shooting in Tulum/Mexico
...with fashion by the Austrian label Palmers, photographed by Jan Welters (NL, lives in Paris).

4 April 2011 - Art and design in everday life
Comments on today's lifestyle with objects that look like building sets from a kids playground; such as the TOYS’R’US boat in a plastic frame, the elements of a scooter in life-size, or the bold red hair dryer like from the Barbie set... by the artist Michael Johansson seen at the video interview/documentary and the upcoming exhibition about art and design...

4 April 2011 - Influences on society through media and cultural industries
The video shows linguist, philosopher, and political activist Noam Chomsky (US) in an interview for the documentary 'The Price of Pleasure: Pornography, Sexuality & Relationships (2008)', directed by media researcher Dr. Chyng Sun who "explores the production, content, and consumption of pornography with the aim to help her audiences gain a holistic understanding of this controversial medium." Pornography is one of the most visible and profitable sectors of the cultural industries in the United States (estimated annual revenue: $13 billion). In the last years, the industry has become mainstream and more extreme.

4 April 2011 - Exhibition reflects upon the 'consumption of humans'
The subtitle of the exhibition 'Tous Cannibales' at La Maison Rouge in Paris (until 15 May) 'We are all cannibals. The simplest way to identify with another is still to eat them.' by Claude Lévi-Strauss (La Repubblica, 1993) summarizes curator Jeanette Zwingenberger's selection of artists who are working on the perception of the body and the concept of 'incorporation' in today's age of cloning, organ transplants and virtual worlds. The exhibition will travel to the Me Collectors Room Berlin (28 May - 18 Sept). The exhibition questions: "Are we cannibalized by somebody else? Or cannibalizing them?"

3 April 2011 - Models from streets in Africa, India, China, Brazil, US... in front of an artist's camera
The video shows US painter Kehinde Wiley speaking about 'The World Stage'-series, a project that captures the cultures of young men around the world - on the streets in Brooklyn/New York, Lagos/Africa, Mumbai/India, Beijing/China, Rio de Janeiro/Brazil..., scouting for models, their outfits and working in the studio. In the series about 'power', the young men are dressed in Western fashion; only their posing references to the history of the culture around. Now, 'The World Stage: Israel' by Kehinde Wiley is on exhibition at Roberts & Tilton in Culver City (California, US) from 9 April - 28 May

3 April 2011 - Street is the 'red carpet' of Metropolitan Explorers
For this men style, Fashionoffice was inspired by the idea 'Metropolitan Explorer' and collected some pieces with 'red carpet' qualities like raw denim jeans, a waxed jacket with 3D elements, an electric metro bike...

2 April 2011 - 'Ritual Union' by the Swedish electronic-soul-pop group Little Dragon (album release in July)
...performed live on stage with leadsinger Yukimi Nagano’s voice looping electronically. 'Ritual Union' is from the new same entitled album which comes out on 12 July (Peace Frog/EMI).

1 April 2011 - 'Rhythm of Time' by the Austrian experimental a capella-electro band Bauchklang
Bauchklang (they are making the sound with their voices) is one of the groups alongside to electronic musician like Peter Kruder, Dorian Concept... who are announced to perform live on stage on 17 April at the 'Help For Japan'-event in Vienna. The purchase of the entry and gastro goes to the Red Cross. Additionally, visitors can buy fashion samples of Austrian designers and art (supported by tba 21, the foundation of Francesca von Habsburg)

1 April 2011 - Model speaks in a video about her work
...for Alexander Wang in New York. The video is shot very stylish. You can watch the model in Wang's studio during the fitting and on the Alexander Wang catwalk while she is talking about required actor qualities of a model for being able to 'live herself into a role'. For this video, the role description could had been 'playing a desirable modern woman looking sexy in Alexander Wang'.

1 April 2011 - Online market research for professionals in fashion, beauty, and art
The geographical data of Fashionoffice in March 2011 (distribution: 148 countries; delivered by Doubleclick for Publishers)...

1 April 2011 - Re-listen: 'Satisfaction' by the American new wave band Devo from the album 'Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!'
...from 1977 (album released 1978) is a cover of the Rolling Stones hit '(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction'. The name Devo is derived from 'de-evolution' and the conviction that the intelligence of people is steadily declining. For the latest Devo album 'Something for everybody', the band members have used market research techniques to find the best songs, artworks and outfits; interview on


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