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31 May 2011 - 'Trickaz No Jutsu' by Paris based duo 'Tha Trickaz' (free download)
The selfnamed 'Tha Vietnamists' DJ iRaize and Pho released on 9 May 2011 the dubstep/hip hop album 'Cloud Adventure' on Tha Trickaz are on tour: 29 July Palermo (Sicily, IT), 9 Sept Bourges (FR)...

31 May 2011 - Music video director and the collection of an online shop
The name of the director is Konstantin Ermakov, who publishes samples of his work (documentaries, music videos...)on his website, and the UK headquartered shop's name is It has recently opened with accompanying DirtyTV, magazine... begins its 'About' with the statement: "It’s a dirty world we live in, fuelled by passion..."

31 May 2011 - Electronic music and dance interpretation of the spiritual 'Wayfaring Stranger' theme
...found on the blog of poet Rick Holland on Rick Holland collaborates with musicians, designers, choreographers, film makers; since the beginnig of the 2000s Rick Holland works with music composer Brian Eno. Listen 'Glitch' by Brian Eno with words by poet Rick Holland from the new album 'Drums Between The Bells' (release on 24 June)

31 May 2011 - Electronic music interpreted by dancers in slim-stretch jeans
Electronic music by Stockholm based DJ/producer Kornél Kovács interpreted for 'Tiger of Sweden' with various styles like classical ballet, robot, jazz, street...

31 May 2011 - The clothing of a female experimental writer in an exhibition
Gertrude Stein is known for her research on language, such legendary word loops like 'Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose' and texts with very rare commas ("Gertrude Stein arrives without a single comma." San Francisco Examiner, 1935.). Stein was an US expatriate
- left the United States for France in 1903, where she lived until her death in 1946. Now, her lifestyle is theme of the exhibition 'Seeing Gertrude Stein: Five Stories', which is on show until 6 September at the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco. The video on introduces to the show; especially exhibition curator Wanda M. Corn's part (professor emerita in Art History at Stanford University and writer of the book with the same title like the exhibition) gives insights into Gertrude Stein's fashion under the title 'Picturing Gertrude' - the 'fashion'-part begins around 20 min. after the video has started.

30 May 2011 - Women's and men's underwear spiced with elegant freshness
New trends for FW2011/12 underwear such as classical Brit-chic herringbone patterns, athletic pieces in stripes and basics made from certified organic cotton...

30 May 2011 - 'Revolution and cultural mutation' the title of the article about art and cultural practises in Tunisia by Rachida Triki (art historian, curator, Professor of Philosophy (aesthetics) at the Tunis University) on, an exclusively online released publication (launch on 1 June in Venice) that covers the Arab cultural world from the Middle East North Africa (MENA) region. "Recent events in the Middle East have shown the world something incontrovertible: official media outlets no longer have a monopoly on the systems of communication that dictate both the content and level of information in circulation at any given time..." begins the introduction to Rachida Triki's essay on The essay will also be published in the catalogue 'The Future of a Promise' at the 54th Biennale di Venezia, premiere on 1st June.

30 May 2011 - Men's shaving cream used by women
There are many things to say about the label and its shaving product, but what really attracted Fashionoffice was at first the brand's name 'The Bluebeards Revenge' which remembers the French tale (17th century) of 'Bluebeard' - a rich man with an ugly beard who had a bad habit concerning women...

30 May 2011 - Spanish revolution covered by an art, music, design online-publication
"Mass media won't show you the truth" is one of the statements in the video by about the revolutionary movements in Spain and advices to use social networks and internet for getting involved. Probably the statement is true; because people who lost their possessions and have to fight for basic rights like equality are in common not very attractive - not at all worth copying which is a key value to be mentioned in lifestyle media. But the revolution in Spain has attracted the (publication about design, music, art...) where you can find an article about the activities of the movement

29 May 2011 - The concept of Dante Alighieri 'Divine Comedy' realised in an architecture for art exhibitions
The video gives insights into the artwork of Olafur Eliasson on the rooftop of the ARoS museum in Aarhus in Denmark, opened on 27 May to the public. The museum's architecture is following the idea of the cathartic impact of art inspired by the 'Divine Comedy' by Dante Alighieri (13/14th century), who wrote about a guided tour from hell through the purgatory to the paradise. For the paradise, ARoS has selected Olafur Eliasson's 'Your rainbow panorama' which is awaiting the visitors with a colorful view around the Danish city - after they have passed the spaces and galleries of the 43 metres tall building on a curved museum street.
"In ARoS this is translated into the exhibition concept represented by the 9 Rooms in the basement, the journey up through the galleries and the art exhibited there, finishing with Your rainbow panorama on the roof as a symbol of perfection."

28 May 2011 - Watch design inspired by Guinness World Record in cave freediving in Mexico
The Swiss watchmaker Oris was inspired by the Guinness World Record from autumn 2010 of Carlos Coste (born 1976 in Venezuela) in freediving in a labyrinth of underwater caves in Yucatan in Mexico for the 'Carlos Coste Limited Edition Cenote Series' from the diver collection. The display of the watch reflects when its dark (referencing the dark caves) and the designers have set two signs to remember Carlos Coste's dynamic freedive of 2:30 minutes and 7:30 minutes for static timediving.

28 May 2011 - Searching for the things that happened
The video presents scenes from two filmworks by the Viennese artist, documentarist, and researcher Marika Schmiedt (born 1966) about the holocaust during the times of National Socialism in the 1930s/40s in Austria; especially the prosecution of Roma and Sinti. In the first video, Marika Schmiedt shows how difficult it is to find the truth in the Austrian bureaucracy - she runs in 'fast motion' from one office to the other. The second part of the video is taken from the series 'Visible' - a form of oral history, about the painter, musician, writer Ceija Stojka, who survived a concentration camp; Ceija Stojka says to the filmmaker that she is one of the last ones who has the chance to take a personal look at the thoughts, memories of a witness of the holocaust. Now, the work of Marika Schmiedt is part of the show 'Call the Witness' at the Roma Pavilion during La Biennale di Venezia

27 May 2011 - Video about an inspiring ball in Venice in 1951
Nicholas Foulkes (author, historian, journalist) speaks about 'Le Bal du Siècle' - theme '18th century', by multi-millionaire and interior designer Charles de Beistegui who invited guest like Barbara Hutton, Peggy Guggenheim, Orson Welles, Salvador Dali,... to a fashionable spectacle (costumes were created by later famous designers like Pierre Cardin) at his Palazzo Labia at the Grande Canale in Venice in 1951. The video is one of a series introducing to the inspirational sources of the new collection 'Bals de Légende' by the French joaillerie house Van Cleef & Arpels (collection release on 17 June in London).

27 May 2011 - Women's wear FW2011/12: casual wool mixed with elegant silk
...seen at the lookbook of a German label...

27 May 2011 - Trends women's wear fall/winter 2011/12
...presented by H&M. The video begins with elegant combinations of flower dresses, skirts, trousers and tops combined with nice hats that remember the romantic androgyny of flapper girls; the red/white ankle boots in the style of early 20th century are mixed even to pop-psychedelic-flower skirts; last mentioned come also in asymmetric cut. Another styling by H&M shows leg wear that lets the viewer a while in doubt if the woman wears tights or sportive 80s leggings to a super-mini which is in real the extension of a top. A male-tailored jacket to a skirt which looks like a draped knit scarf make think of Diane Keaton in the movie 'Annie Hall' from the late 70s - but in the H&M scenery she has received an outfit update in Antwerp during the 1990s. In sum and fast checked, there are around 100 years style history where you can grab your personal look the next season.

27 May 2011 - Album 'Tai Chi Bum Bai Chi' by the Austrian group The Kung Fu Divas
The album contains 3 electronic-renaissance music-fusion-asian sounds tracks; just relased on 19 May.

27 May 2011 - 'A Little Death' by the US punk-rock band Fucked Up a review (with audio) on, where the track was described with the words: "It's a pop offering from a crew named Fucked Up." The 4th part of the concept album 'David Comes To Life' (78-minute rock opera in 4 parts about a man in the 70s in a British industrial town, who loses his lover in a bombing...) comes out on 6 June; you can listen the tracks from the album on Fucked Up is on tour in US (TX, NY, MA...).

26 May 2011 - Video showing creations of designers of the Fashionlab Graz (Austria)
The Fashionlab Graz is an organization of fashion and accessories designers in Styria (AT). During May and June, the Fashionlab invites to several events such as on 31 May to an exhibition about photography (runs until 29 June). The photos of fashion by ap_moDE.SIGN are made by students of the second level education (college) for Fine Art Photography and MultimediaArt at the Ortweinschule Graz

26 May 2011 - Fashion and photography festival from 6 to 11 June in Vienna
The video was made on occasion of the kick-off event for this year's 11 festival for fashion and photography; it shows fashion by Marios Schwab and the festival campaign images directed by the Austrian artist Erwin Wurm who created clothing sculptures ('Kleiderskulpturen') with designs by Ute Ploier, Jil Sander, etc; photographed by Elfie Semotan. The festival happens at the Museum of Ethnology and various venues in the city such as at a designer showroom where ideas for sustainable design approaches will be presented (7 June 'showroom for remade fashion design'), on 8 June to the Viennese prater where visitors can view fashion along the route of the Liliputbahn (a small railroad), on 9 June the ones who are interested in costume history can attend a guided tour through the picture gallery of the Museum of Art History ('Kunsthistorisches Museum')...

26 May 2011 - Punk-rock-party song 'Blow Your Mind Away' by the Berlin band Poolstar
...from the album 'Losing Gravity' (2005) was the official hymn of the IFMXF FreestyleMotoCrossShow 'Night of the Jumps'. The four members band Poolstar's music is influenced by "love sex music life". They will perform today at Sage Club in Berlin

25 May 2011 - Documentary about Jim Thomson who had great impact on the silk industry in Thailand in the middle of the 20th century
The architect and interior designer Jim Thomson is known for bringing in the 1950s new production technologies and distribution methods to the Thai silk industry. Until today, Jim Thomson's Thai Silk Company stands for experiencing Western and Eastern cultures and marks a milestone in globalisation. Now, the fabric label of Jim Thomson is collaborating with the artist Navin Rawanchaikul for Thailand's Pavilion at the Biennale di Venezia. 'Paradiso di Navin' is a multimedia art installation with restaurant and bar dressed up in indigenous Pha Khao Mar textile motifs. "Incorporating everyday culture relevant and current to the chosen environment, Navin explores the negotiation between local circumstances and trends of globalisation. His oeuvre encompasses a broad array of media including installation, film, performance, mobile galleries, billboards, comics, games, merchandise and cocktails."

25 May 2011 - "Too good harmony is boring. Maybe conflict is charming, exciting. I am not interested in fashion..."
...says Yohji Yamamoto in the trailer of the approx. 30 min documentary 'This Is My Dream' (release in autumn 2011) about his work. Director Theo Stanley (known as the Director of Photography for Bruce Weber’s documentary films 'Letter to True', 'Chop Suey'; commercials for Vera Wang, Chanel), shows Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto (honored from the French government to the CFDA) and his team creating the collaborative adidas collection Y-3 SS2010 during summer and early fall 2009 in the studio in Tokyo and at the styling for the show in New York.

25 May 2011 - How to dress at music festivals in 2011?
Music festival 2011 style made of pieces which are especially advised by international labels in combination with items that are following the idea of outdoor entertainment...

25 May 2011 - Bollywood-electro 'Load-David Starfire' remixed by 'Love and Light'
...from the 'Bollyhood Bass remixes Vol 2' album by San Francisco and Los Angeles based producer/DJ David Starfire; released in May on Six Degrees Records.

25 May 2011 - Electro-latin-soul 'Astro Black (The Big Wow Mix)' by the Viennese formation 'Freedom Satellite' a remix of Sun Ra's jazz-composition with vocals by June Tyson. Freedom Satellite was founded 1997 by the producers/DJs Jürgen Drimal (owner of the label Vienna Scientists Recordings) and Gernot Ebenlechner, who studied mechanical engineering and wrote a thesis for the European Space Agency before he turned to music

24 May 2011 - The people's wish and a jeans slogan
Lee Jeans announces the new Fall 2011 campaign, photographed by Terry Richardson with prominent models like Elvis Presley's grand-daughter Riley Keough. The slogan 'A Lee Don't Lie'...

24 May 2011 - Female identity in a world of demographic shifts
...expressed in the poetic-political art video installation 'Home and Away' (2003) by the South-African (Cape Town) multimedia artist Berni Searle showing a woman floating in front of the Spanish border. 'Home and Away' is an early film work by Berni Searle, whose new video-installation 'Interlaced' (a woman veiled in lace and filmed in the Gothic architecture of a hall in Brugge) is at this time on traveling exhibition (until 12 June in Brugge - BE, 20 May - 18 Sept in Metz - FR, 9 July - 16 Oct in Arnhem - NL) . "She questions tirelessly the self and the other, examining the elements of her own identity shaped by successive cross-fertilizations: a 'composite identity'..."

24 May 2011 - Mobile phone app for 'Grill Culture'-aficionados
...with around 250 recipes by the American grill expert and author of the 'Weber's Big Book of Grilling' Jamie Purviance and tricks for healthy and secure (!) barbecuing. The 'Weber’s On the Grill'-app is available since the beginning of this month; in some days even in German language.

24 May 2011 - Guerilla knitting for women's rights
Fashionoffice just received the hyperlink to the website 'Knitherstory' where the photo showing designer and knit artist Veronika Persché and her contribution to the Women's Rights Movement in Vienna on 19 March is published. Veronika Persché has named her knit image 'Rosie'; she writes about the guerilla knitting initiative (more than 100 women knitted for public places in Vienna): "Hung just before the big demonstrations, the pieces were meant to be on display for about one month. Unfortunately almost all of them were removed shortly after. Same thing with my piece and I still have no idea about its whereabouts. Someone told me it was seen in Zurich... (!?) I do hope Rosie is doing well in her new place!"

24 May 2011 - Historical facts and a way to provide background information through new technologies
...explains Alexander Stickelberger on the video the virtual museum guides developed by the Austrian headquartered company 'Nous'. Fashionoffice just received the information that Nous has created the interactive multi-lingual (incl. sign language) museum guide for the permanent exhibition at the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs in Berlin about the German history of labour and a social society. The Nous-guide provides for the visitors of the exhibition background information about the beginning of social legislation, child's work, situation of women...

24 May 2011 - Design as a personal diary and its expression through new technologies
The elegant re-design of sneakers gave reason for a closer look at the designer, who has recently received a GQ award and the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund. What makes his work special is the very personal mix of vintage, nature and new technologies...

23 May 2011 - Clay sculptures 'Hipocrites' are representing men who feel the loss of their influence on politics, society or the destruction of nature
The video shows the 'Hypocrites' by Mirko Bratušas, who represents the Republic of Slovenia at the 54th La Biennale di Venezia. The installation of the Hipocrites in the Slovenian Pavilion is entitled 'Heaters for Hot Feelings'. The artist explains on his website the project in Venice: "Feelings are difficult to articulate, to display. To ourselves and to others. Exposed or isolated from all other … I’d be happiest if I managed to awaken in the visitors the sensuality that we’re all lacking. There’s a lot of talk about high technologies, new technologies in the arts. We’re used to things existing, and knowing nothing about them." Find more about the project on

23 May 2011 - Updates on the imprint of Fashionoffice
Find updates for the addresses of the Trendletter and press releases - recently we have reported that we had to change the contacts because of (until today) not verified circumstances. Probably even Fashionoffice's last media information about statistics delivered by accredited online-tools gives useful insights into today's living and working with 'cloud'-services

22 May 2011 - Clouds are symbolising transcendence, give room for imaginations; they are engines for hallucination... the audio/video installation 'The Cloud of Unknowing' by Ho Tzu Nyen described on the website of the National Arts Council Singapore. Ho Tzu Nyen represents with 'The Cloud of Unknowing' Singapore at the 54th International Art Exhibition which stands this year under the theme 'ILLUMInations' - in the meaning to reflect upon what inspires contemporary artists and the conventions to view art. "Set in a deserted, low-income public housing block in Singapore, Ho's Cloud presents scenes of eight characters in eight apartments, each in an encounter with the cloud..."

21 May 2011 - Fashion & music
The German musician Illute has made a bag showing a spacy sewing/piano machine and invites to download her version of 'Major Tom'; the poolbar Festival has extended its style collection with poolbar underwear and bags. This year's festival t-shirt 'The Explorer'...

21 May 2011 - Three male bodybuilders who are combing the hair of a female musician
...directed by UK video maker Ben Reed (known for dark humour and creative realisations in low budget productions) for the visualisation of the song 'The Magic' by Joan As Police Woman from the new album 'The Deep Field'. The album was released physically in April. US musician Joan Wasser aka Joan As Police Woman has collaborated already with musicians like Lou Reed or Antony and the Johnsons. Joan As Police Woman is on tour: 25 May San Francisco, 27 May Los Angeles, from 2 June on in Australia, on 18 June the European tour starts...

21 May 2011 - 'Bells' by cirKus from the album 'Medicine'
The album was just released on 10th May. cirKus is the project of the Sweden based couple Neneh Cherry and Cameron McVey (Massive Attack/Portishead) together with their daughter Lolita Moon. The video 'Bells' shows the abuse of men and their existence as a 'puppet on the string' while McVey sings that we never live and learn.
analyses it as a video that "…follows a series of cloned men, being spit out of the machines that built them, into another. They continue on in a repetitive, zombie-like existence, as a cog in this other machine, this time enduring more and more abuse."

20 May 2011 - Jules Verne's rocket space ship on a men's watch
"...carries the astronauts to their lunar destination."

20 May 2011 - Trendletter by Fashionoffice...
Yesterday, we reported that the Trendletter by Fashionoffice comes from another address. Not because of a hacked server; the problem lies on the mailserver itself as it can not communicate with our entries. We are still working on it; and everybody who works with programs or techniques by others - keyword 'cloud', know that such problems can last; you can't solve them on your own as the programming of the techniques is out of your reach...

19 May 2011 - The Trendletter by Fashionoffice comes from another email address
To make sure that the subscribers of the Fashionoffice Trendletter receive the news, we inform you that we had to change the sender address (once again) of the Trendletter by Fashionoffice; now it comes from trends2011(at) Even the address to send press releases is changed now to the pressreleases(at)

18 May 2011 - 'Penthouse Suites' by Wise Blood (aka Chris Laufman) from the new EP 'These Wings' (release on 2 August)
Wise Blood's video 'B.I.G E.G.O.' featuring fashion icon Daphne Guinness has attracted the media by the end of last year. He is now back - again with a lot of press coverage such as on, where this feed posting links to.

18 May 2011 - Cuban actor William Levy, who is the star in several Latin-American Telenovelas
...- such as the video clip shows, is the man in Jennifer Lopez' new video 'I'm Into You' feat. (the voice of) Lil Wayne; it's the second single from her album 'Love'. It took a while to find out that the male actor in 'I'm Into You' is William Levy - albeit a star but in another region than Europe, because everybody is talking only about Jennifer Lopez' outfit (she wears Gucci aviator shades in the style of the 1980s, a printed dress which remembers glamorous vintage couture of the 70s), her dance moves in the Maya-ruins in Chichen Itza, and the beach of Tulum, where she appears in a bikini...

18 May 2011 - 'Smoke Up' in 60s folk-pop style with punky voice by the Austrian music project 'Sweet Sweet Moon' singer/multi-instrumentalist Matthias Frey (plays violin, guitars, drums... himself); just released on Siluh Records. 'Sweet Sweet Moon' is on tour: 29 May at the Arena in Vienna (AT), 16 June Krems (AT), 25 June Cologne (DE)...

18 May 2011 - " anthem for total arsehole ladykillers, but it’s also catchy as hell."
...writes Jess McGuire on about the debut song in 1960s pop-style ‘Face In The Crowd’ by Cat's Eyes, consisting of Faris Badwin and Rachel Zaffira, who sings with her soprano voice: "you’re not the one, not the one, and not only that you’re not anyone, anyone, you’re not anyone, yeah you’re not the one, not the one, you’re not anyone at aaaaaaaall…"

17 May 2011 - "In ancient times singers used to debut new songs on the radio or in concert..."
...begins the article on The Wall Street Journal about a new option for musicians on occasion of the premiere of Lenny Kravitz' track 'Rock Star City Life' from the new album 'Black and White America' (release in summer)...

17 May 2011 - Costumes that reflect the shortness of life
Danny Glicker dressed the two main roles of the new love-story 'Restless' (presented recently at the Cannes Film Festival) into vintage, lived-in looks. The concept of Enoch's clothes (played by Dennis Hopper's son Henry Hopper) is to look like 'falling apart' - such as his world; and Annabel's (Mia Wasikowska) style is a combination of 1920s, 30s with pieces from the 1960s...

17 May 2011 - Artist in a no-man's land between countries
...seen at the web and phoneApp project 'Limbo' by Simon Faithfull who publishes his live drawings directly from a ferry crossing between Dover (UK) and Calais (FR) from 14 to 19 May. "The work also creates a personal atlas of the world, mapping time and space, as experienced by one individual, on an ongoing basis."

17 May 2011 - 'Circuital' by My Morning Jacket from the new album
...with the same title which comes out on 31 May. On occasion of the release, My Morning Jacket invites with a virtual video presenter who remembers the wizard of OZ in the role of a circus director to the 'unstaged, magic, online' live music event on YouTube on For the live stream from the Palace Theater in Louisville (home town of the US band), they are working together with award-winning director Todd Haynes.

16 May 2011 - Equipment for outdoor music festivals
Fashionoffice has received a 'music festival kit'...

16 May 2011 - Women roles that express Zeitgeist
The women are casted in Hollywood and/or booked at model agencies in Paris or London. They have one in common: the selected women express the current Zeitgeist with their roles they are playing in public best...

16 May 2011 - Street style with music and multimedia in London
A label's multimedia addiction reflected by video walls in fashion stores...

15 May 2011 - Trailer 'Kaboom' (directed by Gregg Araki) about sexual awakening
...of college students mixed with horror and sci-fi (comes into cinemas in June in UK, DE). The movie-tip was sent by the Viennese Queer Film Festival 'identities 2011' (runs from 2 to 12 June). In the current festival program, identities is announcing fashion documentaries that provide views on the work places of Anna Wintour or Karl Lagerfeld

15 May 2011 - Re-listen: Disco-hit 'Lovemachine' by the music-project 'Supermax' (1978)
...founded by the Austrian multi-instrumentalist Kurt Hauenstein (1949 - 2011) whose funky-hynotic sound became known in the late 1970s in the European and American underground club-scene. In 1981, after Supermax toured as the first mixed-race band through South-Africa, Kurt Hauenstein was 'punished' with a black-listed status by some political organizations and couldn't enter several countries; more on

14 May 2011 - Data sculpture made by robots from a mathematical program counting viewers, their movements, colors of their clothing... Prague (CZ) based artist Federico Diaz. The installation 'outside itself' is produced without human hands; only by data streams which are reflecting constantly the environment. 'outside itself' will be presented at the Biennale di Venezia from June on. "Together, viewers of all ages and nationalities will influence the sculpture's ultimate form in this work of 'Light' and 'Nations'..."

14 May 2011 - Lavatory as a metaphor for internet communication
... seen at the video installation by Japanese artist Tabaimo who shows women in a public lavatory; the messages on the lavatory-walls are similar to the ones that are posted in our days online on the internet. For Tabaimo, the lavatory is a mirror of life; the secret voyeur who is taking pictures from women in the lavatory is active online too. The allegory on the internet is about (non)privacy and (dis)information. She involves the viewer into a scenery where the inside reflects the outside and vice versa. The stories of the handdrawn comic strip alike animations on screen-walls that are surrounding the viewer are developed by the artist during her work and are not predicted by her before. Between 4 June and 27 November, Tabaimo's installation 'teleco-soup' at the Japan Pavilion at Giardini during the Biennale di Venezia "...connotes the idea of an 'inverted' soup, or the inversion of relations between water and sky, fluid and container, self and world."

13 May 2011 - Jewellery on the red carpet in Cannes
...such as seen on German actress Diane Kruger who speaks in a video about her addiction to fashion as well as the role of journalists and how important it is for her to get the daily news. In her new movie 'Special Forces' she will play a French journalist.

13 May 2011 - View on the Austrian fashion market; Insight by publisher Karin Sawetz
Following article reflects my personal view as publisher of Fashionoffice on Austrian fashion. Originally, it was written for an Austrian online fashion platform. After the publication of the article on another domain was rejected, I save it now here on the web space of Fashionoffice.

13 May 2011 - What goes around comes around!
Fashionoffice has received new men's styles fall/winter 2011/12...

13 May 2011 - Women in a candy shop Düsseldorf (DE), making 'Snoepjes' rocks decorated with letters. Fashionoffice has just received a box of 'Snoepjes' candy branded by the German label 'Sieger' on occasion of the presentation of the elegant-classical Gentlemen's Colour Collection. 'Sieger Rocks' by Snoepjes are released in many different colors and logo (instead of the letters). Sweet!

13 May 2011 - A ballet dancer on a ship performing to 'Grown Unknown' by NY based singer/songwriter Lia Ices
The video - shot with a laptop camera and showing dancer Ruby MacDougall on a Pacific-voyage, just premiered online, such as on 'The Couch Sessions' where musician Lia Ices is cited: "I'm playing around with the juxtaposition between what our minds have constructed about how to love someone, and all that remains beyond those concepts, unexplored."

12 May 2011 - Insights into a fashionable private art gallery in Vienna
Experimental sushi pioneer Martin Ho has opened this March his newest project for culinary enthusiasts in the former space of a cinema under the title 'Yoshi's Corner' with accompanied gallery for contemporary art where he has already presented the most extensive private Andy Warhol collection that was ever shown in Austria. Now, 'Yoshi's Corner' announces that pieces by Victor Vasarely and Robert Indiana are on show

12 May 2011 - BollyHop dance
The video (begins slow but gets a good rhythm after a while) shows some 'moves' of the BollyHop dance - a mixture of BollywoodDance and HipHop. Now, the ImPulsTanz Festival in Vienna organises again the school project 'BollyHop' at the shop center 'Shopping City Süd'. This year, the festival invites additionally to a community-'BollyHop' on 28 May where people can join the dancing chain for respect and tolerance

12 May 2011 - Dancing 'sailor' presenting backpacks
...designed and produced by the Spanish label peSeta for Marc Jacobs.

12 May 2011 - Men's fashion story photographed with an iPhone
...recently released by the publisher and photographer Milton M. Filho. The fashion for the 'Mad Max' inspired story comes from designer Marcelu Ferraz, presented by model John Zechner (Andy Models).

12 May 2011 - Fashion that goes beyong nations
...seen on the video about the Puma and Kehinde Wiley cooperation on occasion of last year's World Cup. US artist Kehinde Wiley presented portraits of African Football Players in Berlin. Now, Kehinde Wiley has contributed together with over 100 authors (artists, writers, curators, educators) ideas about contemporary art and the practical integration into classroom learning for the new book 'Contemporary Art and Multicultural Education' (published by the New Museum and Routledge)

11 May 2011 - Love-month May and statistics
In 'love-month' May, the research organisation and magazine Fashionoffice presents some facts about the reality of web statistics with an analogy which will show that in online communication it's like with love. Follow the analogy with new data provided by tools that are accredited by the MRC - Media Rating Council...

10 May 2011 - Outfit for a pool in the European Alps
Fashionoffice has packed some fashion, beauty and culinary pieces for a pool surrounded by the Alps on occasion of the Lake's Fashion Days from 11 to 15 May at the my lake hotel in Pörtschach (Austria)...

10 May 2011 - "If you're blue and you don't know where to go to. Why don't you go where fashion sits, Puttin' on the ritz" sings Fred Astaire the movie 'Blue Skies' from 1946; 'Putting on the Ritz' means to dress up and relates to the hotel Ritz. Fred Astaire, who would be today 112 years old (born on 10 May 1899 as Frederick Austerlitz, son of an Austrian immaigrant, in America), has recorded the song by Irving Berlin already in 1930. 16 years later, the song became in a remix part of the movie 'Blue Skies' - written by songwriter Irving Berlin himself. The story of the musical is about a love triangle consisting of a dancer, a night-club opener and a woman...

10 May 2011 - "Living for the weekend..." sings Cee Lo Green on 'Bright Lights Bigger City' from the album 'Lady Killer'
...which was already released at the end of 2010. In spring 2011, US singer/songwriter Cee Lo Green - known for his hits 'Crazy' and 'Fuck You', has remixed the funky song ' 'Bright Lights Bigger City' with additional vocals by Wiz Khalifa; available on

9 May 2011 - A strategy to make structures of fashion trends visible
...seen at the work of a fashion designer/multimedia artist duo at an upcoming exhibition that questions 'Where does fashion end and art begin?'.

9 May 2011 - Hypnotic-pulsing art video 'Fingerprint' by Sao Paolo (Brazil) based publicist and artist Paulo R. C. Barros
...who is working with e-culture as the source for his computer inspired art videos. The videos are presented at events and festivals worldwide. The function of programs and technology of media are his fields of experimentation. "The result is disturbing and can be multiplied to the infinite feeding the artistic intervention in the media universe and creating new interpretation parameters, that demands fast perception to be able to catch the message in a speed that sometimes seems to be dizzying," is the work of the observer of today's e-culture (music, art, media...) Paulo R. C. Barros described on

9 May 2011 - Gypsy-punk 'Not a Crime' by New York band with 'wonderlust' Gogol Bordello
...who state on their website that their task is to provoke the audience for a new view on the world: "From where we stand it is clear that world's cultures contain material for endless art-possibilities..." Now, the Sziget Festival in Budapest (Hungary, 8 - 15 August) announce in their line-up that Gogol Bordello alongside to Kasabian, The Chemical Brothers, Ben l'Onlce Soul, Amy Winehouse, Gotan Project, La Roux.... perform on stage

8 May 2011 - Secrets we never say
Some fashion and beauty pieces are telling stories that are never told but always in our mind such as the secrets of becoming a woman.

8 May 2011 - Who has inspired musicians like Lady Gaga and Beth Ditto?
Online music source Pretty Much Amazing presents one example for a new music creation that was inspired by 'her' - really pretty much amazing video!

7 May 2011 - 'Born This Way' by Lady Gaga
...who is integrating polarizing performance art into her stage appearance and videos; Lady Gaga is inspired by artists like Serbian born in US living performance artist Marina Abramovic (as she says on who allows the audience to become interactive with her body. The documentary about two concerts by Lady Gaga from February 2011 at Madison Square Garden (New York) debuts today on the international TV channel HBO

7 May 2011 - Users are invited to a social media music performance to 'The Bomb' by John Pigeon
...on where the Los Angeles based hip-hop/soul musician provides the a capella vocals for the song from the album 'Dragon Slayer' (label Quannum Projects) to be downloaded and remixed in the 'chosen style'; upload of the remix until 15 May.

7 May 2011 - "It's you or actually the viewer who gives the form to that what I am saying"
...says Berlin based, Romanian born artist Daniel Knorr who works with various media for his installations, performances.. - mainly in the public space, inspired by the tradition of Dada to involve art-viewers into politically motivated contents in an interview about the role of an artist in our society which is dominated by power and authority. Now, the Romanian Cultural Institute of Stockholm and Färgfabriken are announcing Daniel Knorr's first solo show from 7 May – 14 August in Sweden. 'Limits of Jurisdiction' is a three-part work. One part is entitled '1m3 Freedom'. It is about changing the legal status of one cubic meter of air in the city of Stockholm...

6 May 2011 - Men's style introduced by fashion rebels in London Tommy Nutter who started together with Edward Sexton a new style that was made from classical tailoring and influenced by a new (gender-)thinking that grew in the 60ies and the world of pop stars. The video from the BBC documentary series 'British Style Genius' gives insights into their work. Tommy Nutter and Edward Sexton opened their shop in 1969 on the elegant Savile Row. Now, the Fashion and Textile Museum in London presents the exhibition 'Tommy Nutter: Rebel on the Row' from 20 May - 22 October, where the Nutter-style, the shop in the Savile Row, the window displays and the image in the media are on show

6 May 2011 - Re-listen: 'I Fought the Law' by the British punk-rock band The Clash from 1976 to 1986. They are known for their  idealistic political ideology. The Clash positioned themselves as rebels with a cause. With songs such as 'The Guns of Brixton' or 'I Fought the Law' they became icons with outlaw image for a whole generation which has worked on a new society by the end of the 20th century. Find more videos, interviews on

6 May 2011 - Fashionoffice's geography data that users came in April 2011 from 141 countries; most interested in the content by Fashionoffice are users from the United States with 49,325 impressions measured on the inventory pages; Austria 44,403; United Kingdom 15,143; Germany 15,325... 

5 May 2011 - (Computer) design explained by creative professionals
- beginning with Dieter Rams (created legendary consumer products like the SK4 record player from 1956 - shown in the video, as designer, later Head of Design at Braun; he is the inventor of the ten principles of good design) and followed by Jonathan Ive (since 1997 Senior Vice President for Industrial Design at Apple; designer of iPod, iPhone, MacBook, iPad; received several awards like 'Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire' by the British Queen), in the documentary 'Objectified' by Gary Hustwit. Now, the MKG (museum with focus on art and craft) in Hamburg (DE) announces the exhibition 'Stylectrical' about iconic design of electronics in the cultural context (runs from 26 August - 15 January 2012) where the presentation of the work of Jonathan Ive together with early creations by designers like Dieter Rams are leading through the years of e-culture

5 May 2011 - Ideas on the future of the fashion industry in today's e-culture
...are presented by new media researcher Niels Hendriks at the 'i-beta' event in Heerlen (NL) for creative professionals where economy and society inspired by e-culture are discussed on 12 and 13 May. 'Open Garments' is the name of his lecture and about a project with the same title funded by the European Commission on the research of new production methods, technologies by involving interactive users.

5 May 2011 - "I think that the Internet was scary for a while..." reflects Pierre Cardin about the early years of 'online' and today; he continues "It's phenomenal.'
The French video/text fashion magazine publishes the interview with French couturier Pierre Cardin about luxury, the influence of street fashion on createurs (he was the first creator of Haute Couture who entered Ready-to-Wear), about building a label, etc. asks: "Must evolution always go through revolution?" Pierre Cardin answers: "Yes, a revolution is a disagreement."

4 May 2011 - Erotic of culinary
Holistic methods are in fashion when it comes to the 'body'. Exercises and nutrition...

3 May 2011 - Fashionable cooking
The video shows the South-Tyrolean Roland Trettl, cook at the Ikarus in Hangar-7 (Salzburg, AT), together with art-consulter and photographer Helge Kirchberger working on the photo-book 'Fashion Food' (published by Collection Rolf Heyne). Now, the new book 'Smart Food' by Roland Trettl in collaboration with Swiss nutritionist Marianne Botta was released. The 136 recipes are selected under the aspects brain food (for example better concentration), mood food (happiness boosters) and beauty food (healthy hair and skin)

3 May 2011 - Soulful indie rock "Mess A Good Thing" by Gaby Moreno
... from the album 'Illustrated Songs' (released in April 2011) The video by Silent Killer Productions, founded by broadcast journalist (graduated at the University of Colorado, US) Erica Soto who works mainly for English and Spanish language television, shows singer/songwriter Gaby Moreno (grown up in Guatemala, living in Los Angeles, already awarded with several prizes) presenting how her voice sounds to the guitar in the small space of a New York cab. The music clip was produced by, a TV/radio channel with focus on indie artists and up-and-coming musicians

3 May 2011 - Art installation about the cycle of life in a space where fashion happens
Fashion people know the Grand Palais Paris especially from the seasonal presentations of the couture house Chanel. The video from 2010 shows French artist Christian Boltanski's clothes installation for the huge 19th century space, once built for the Word Fair. Now, Christian Boltanski appears at the 'world'-event of art at the Biennale di Venezia, where countries are representing themselves with selected artworks and artists. France has chosen Christian Boltanksi, who shows the installation 'Chance'. "It deals with a theme that is dear to him: luck, bad luck and chance, forces that fascinate us and impose their own laws." On, you will find an online game on his work where you can try your luck to win a gift during the times of the Biennale from 4 June to 27 November.

2 May 2011 - Fashion against nuclear energy
On 18 May, the design organisation 'Fashionlab Graz' (AT) invites fashion designers to lectures and discussions about nuclear power and the world of fashion; the event offers designers a stage to show their activities in the discussed field. Visitors of the 'Off-Fashionlab'-event can get a print of a visible, new created sign against nuclear energy on their t-shirts, jackets, bags...

2 May 2011 - Designer with political intentions
"I could also work in politics as well," says French designer Agnes B on occasion of the presentation of the new collection which is the reproduction of the idea of a political system "yet to be built"...

2 May 2011 - Music video that looks like a trailer of a 'Machete'-alike movie
...for the track 'Howlin' for You' from the album 'Brothers' by the US duo The Black Keys. On IMDB (The Internet Movie Database), the action movie parody evokes postings like "It's a music video. Wow, I was really scared for a minute there."

1 May 2011 - Electronic pop song 'Dance Into The Morning' by the Austrian duo Allen Alexis
...consisting of Guenther Bernhart and Philip Preuss; the single was released on 29 April, the video is directed by Salzburg (AT) based Gerald Schober.

1 May 2011 - Let love rule; Insight by publisher Karin Sawetz
May is traditionally the month when people 'let love rule'. Even statisticians should follow this motto - at best the whole year through...

1 May 2011 - The perspective on life and how it becomes real
...through the eyes of artist Žarko Bašeski at the pavilion of the Republic of Macedonia during the La Biennale di Venezia from 4 June to 27 November. The sculptures by Bašeski are following the idea of German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche "about man's struggle to surpass himself, the possibility to grow beyond himself, to leap beyond the limits of reality he himself creates. It can also be understood as a metaphor of the current conditions in Macedonia and the world." The artist shows on his blog the impressing larger-than-life-size sculpture 'Ordinary Man' who breaks out of the floor; Žarko Bašeski writes: "Not all sculptures look very real when you look at them on a photo (on a digital screen). Putting them into the right perspective certainly helps..." Therefore he has chosen a nice photo, showing a man who is dressing up the hair style of the 'Ordinary Man'-sculpture

1 May 2011 - Balkan-gypsy-electro dance 'Disko Partizani' by Shantel
...who is listed under the title '13 years of anarchy and romance' as one of the live-acts at the Surf Worldcup 2011 and music festival in Podersdorf at the Neusiedler See in Austria, which runs from 29 April until 8 May The German based musician and DJ Shantel has become known for mixing traditional music from the historical European Habsburg and Ottoman Empire (Bukovina - today Romania, Ukraine) with electronic dance beats.


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