Yohji Yamamoto incorporates Japanese culture into adidas' sport shoe techniques

...for the Y-3 collection FW2011/12. The leading theme of the collection is 'escape' and is visualised in a video with impressions from nature in the mountains.

Yohji Yamamoto combines for his fashionable back-to-nature message classical and high-tech materials such as wool herringbone bonded to Goretex which molds itself to the body, details like waterproof zippers or holographic toggles on practical outdoor pieces like hooded ponchos or army parkas for women and men. Into the sport shoe techniques of adidas, Yohji Yamamoto incorporates Japanese culture like origami wedge heels for women or Japanese warrior footwear for men's boots.

The campaign video 'Beneath, Between, Beyond' by New York based artist Collier Schorr (works about gender, identity such as the difference between masculine and feminine poses) shows a male and a female model which appear in an interesting balanced relation - probably Collier Schorr has changed in some scenes the gender roles... It is now online youtu.be/3VhI55LCfUQ.

fig. original : Campaign image Y-3 FW2011/12. Art direction by Lloyd & Co with photography / video direction by Collier Schorr, landscape photography courtesy of David Benjamin Sherry. Styling by Jay Massacret. Models: Kristina Salinovic & Robin Ahrens.


Source: Original article with image and video on http://www.confashion.com/fw2011/adidas7-2011.htm.

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