19 August 2011 - Short Message

Photography of fashion and portraits by Alice Springs (pseudonym for June Newton)

June Newton was born as June Browne 1923 in Melbourne, is a trained and awarded theatre actress (artist name 'June Brunell'), married Helmut Newton in 1948, photographed personalities like Yves Saint Laurent or Robert Mapplethorpe, fashion editorials and advertising campaigns under the pseudonym 'Alice Springs' in the 70s, has written and directed the TV documentary 'Helmut by June', is the art director of all publications of Helmut Newton, and is well-known from photos her husband has taken from her during shooting his fashion and nude images.

From 25 November to 5 February 2012, the Kestnergesellschaft in Hannover (DE) will present around 150 works June Newton has released under the pseudonym 'Alice Springs'. Her photographic career began in 1970 when Helmut Newton had influenza and couldn't shoot a commercial for cigarettes in Paris. Helmut Newton advised her how to handle the camera and light and she did the job instead of him. In the following years she was the photographer of editorials in magazines like Dépêche Mode, Elle, or Vogue. In 1976, Alice Springs' portrait series started and was published in Vanity Fair, Interview, Stern...

Video: documentary 'Helmut by June'

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