18 December 2011 - Short Message

Best of #music and #fashion in 2011 (about): Rihanna in a short fashion #film for Armani

One of the most thrilling and sexiest fashion films of 2011 was produced by Armani, directed by Johan Renck (Agent Provocateur fashion films, Madonna music videos...), with musician Rihanna in the main role.

Rihanna is known for high-ranking Billboard's Hot 100 and Hot Dance music, has gained nominations in four categories for the 2011 Grammy Awards, and has already started in film business; soon, she will appear in the futuristic action movie 'Battleship' about a ship with high-tech transformer equipment; comes into cinmas in May 2012.

In the Armani jeans/lingerie film, she plays a woman who changes her clothes in a car while parking in a garage into slim jeans and a body near leather jacket. Director of the fashion film is Johan Renck, who has directed not only the sexy Armani/Rihanna fashion film this year - not to forget, he has also shot the bull's eye with the funniest fashion advertising campaign! More about the self-ironic ad which shows women like horses in a circus and puppets on strings on fashion.at/mobile/2011/fashionads11-2011.htm.

Video posted in Oct 2011: the short fashion film in 'Film Noir' style was shot in a garage in New York, directed by Johan Renck, starring Rihanna, produced by Armani. Behind the scenes video on rihannanow.com/news-article/armani-behind-the-scenes/.


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