15 December 2011 - Short Message

Best of #music and #fashion in 2011 (about): #video 'Ice Cream' by the Battles directed by (fashion filmers) Canada

The music/fashion film director collective Canada (based in Barcelona) create videos which show the tension between beauty glam and the truth of 'real life'. The punky stylish video for the song 'Ice Cream' feat. Matias Aguayo by the US rock band Battles from the album 'Gloss Drop' (released in June 2011, Warp Records) was listed this summer on Stereogum as one of the best videos of the first half year 2011 with special mention that Canada, the Barcelona based director collective, produces the most interesting contents - "...some uncomfortable clips, some uncomfortable narratives...". 

The style of Canada is a mix of glam and European cinema; they are searching in the films for beauty and truth. On their website, Canada is publishing examples for fashion films in the style of glam/real situations, like the presentation of a collection in the storyline of an interview with a model about 'What is Love' or a campaign video for the fashion label Mangoin a rock star scenery (lawebdecanada.com). 


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