BEAUTY INSIGHT by Karin Sawetz, November 2011

Beauty pieces that make me think of coffee

fig. original A view to my work desk: The 100% bio Eau de Parfum 'Vamp à NY' by Honoré Des Prés (founded 2008 in Paris) pays tribute to New York not only with its name but even with its packaging which consists of a coffee cup in brown paper bag. The coffee-packaging fits to the 100% natural ingredients (received the ECO CERT label) of the scent which remembers - me personally - something I have smelt the first time in school days; I am not sure - probably it had been the chocolate-rum-sweeties which filled the movie theatres with a warm, comfortable scent. Olivia Giacobetti is the composer of the tuberose, rum, bourbon vanilla, benjoin, Perou Balm, Tolu Balm 'Vamp à NY' Eau de Parfum. At this time, it's my favorite fragrance as it is decent and evokes a cosy feeling.

And then there are the pieces from the Burberry FW2011/12 beauty collection in coffee gold and browns for a natural, fresh face style in autumn/winter. I like them because they make it easy to apply some discreet nuances to the face without 'over-paint'-effect. Brand new is the 'Fresh Glow' - a moisturizing fluid for all skin tones that brings a smoothing, golden shimmer to the teint; it can be used without foundation too.

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