16 December 2011 - Short Message

Best of #music and #fashion in 2011 (about): music mix #competition by sport fashion label Bench

At this time the online judging for the submissions of the DJ Competition by the British streetwear, sport fashion label Bench runs on Mixcloud. DJs worldwide uploaded their mixes to mixcloud.com/competitions/bench-igloofest for getting the chance to play (included are transfer costs, etc) at the dance music festival Igloofest from 12 to 28 January 2012 in Montreal, Canada.

On 2 Dec 2011, Fashionoffice visited the Bench-Igloofest website on Mixcloud and reported from the competition and submissions like the one of diegonardo - a mix of Asian-psychedelic-electronic music; especially the track 'Future World' by Deckard with vintage-recorded voices saying "...a disease of machinery ... they are designed by other computers, we don't know exactly how they work..." caused a further recherche on the music by Deckard.

In the meanwhile - closing date for uploads was the 15th December, many new entries were added; one has to gain more than 100 plays for being shortlisted. The DJs' submissions are listed on mixcloud.com/tag/bench-igloofest-competition/.

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