23 August 2011 - Short Message

#Music #video #gender: new video by 'Blood Orange' inspired by transgender culture

On 8 August 2011, Domino Records released the new album 'Coastal Grooves' by 'Blood Orange'. Blood Orange is the music project of New York based Devonté Hynes who worked already with other musicians like Florence & The Machine or Basement Jaxx.

Transgender icon Octavia St Laurent (died 2009; in the documentary 'How Do I Look' about the Voguing-scene* she named herself 'Heavenly Angel Octavia St. Laurent Manolo Blahnik') was one of Hynes' inspirational sources. *The dance style 'Voguing' was created in the 60s by the gay community in Harlem/New York - the word Voguing refers to the fashion magazine Vogue and the poses of the models in front of the camera.

For the video 'Sutphin Boulevard', Blood Orange collaborated with photographer and director Alan Del Rio Ortiz, who has mixed film scenes of dancing drag queens, how they make their look, and street scenes in 80s style with sequences showing Devonté Hynes singing.

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