2 September 2011 - Short Message

#Art #fashion #skateboard: by the Austrian label 'Brutal Beauty' in exhibition

The Austrian label 'Brutal Beauty' (founded by Stephan Wabl and Armin Pichler in 2010) produces art exhibitions, films, photos, fashion etc, and contests (Skate the Gallery) around the theme 'skateboard'. Creative minds behind the products are the invited artists; currently multimedia artist Meapi (AT), Sandro Asatiani (Georgia), Kathrin Siegl (AT), and Miryana Todorova (living in US) are contributing their work for the illustrations on skateboards.

The label's second exhibition starts today in Graz (Styria) at Galerie para_SITE where it is on view until 24 September 2011; details on brutal-beauty.com/wp/?p=1120.

Video for the first exhibition in an old leather factory in Vienna in June 2011.

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