16 July 2011 - Short Message

Culture/art:  a culture philosopher about 'parasitical feminism' in art
US philosopher Anna Watkins Fisher publishes her research results about parasites in today's culture and feministic approaches in art with a practical example on Art&Education on occasion of the publication's 'Paper Prize' project concerning innovative research in contemporary art history (released in June 2011).

Fisher has chosen the work of Dublin born, in London living artist Roisin Byrne who is stealing not only ideas or concepts, but with one punch all of the work (idea, concept, product) of other (preferably male) artists! Such as the rhododendron from the installation 'Rescuing Rhododendrons' by Turner prize-winning, environmentally engaged artist Simon Starling, smuggled it on a budget-flight from an exhibition in Spain to UK and used it in her own artwork which she named 'You Don’t Bring Me Flowers Anymore'.

Anna Watkins Fisher (she works at this time on her dissertation about parasites in modern culture and media) asks in her article 'We Are Parasites: On the Politics of Imposition' on Art&Education: "While the curatorial and journalistic discourse surrounding Roisin Byrne’s artistic practice has focused almost solely on questions about the ethics of stealing and forgery, I asked: what would it mean to consider her work as, rather than the sociopathic betrayals of one individual woman artist, performative actions that literalize and hyperbolize, in ways compelling and problematic, long-held notions of femininity as a bad copy of or vampiristic threat to masculinity?" artandeducation.net/paper/we-are-parasites-on-the-politics-of-imposition/.

The journal Art&Education invites art historians, theorists, curators, and artists to send research-based articles. Details on artandeducation.net.

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