21 December 2011 - Short Message

Best of #Music for #Fashion People in 2011 (about): album debut 'Cat's Eyes'

In spring 2011, the first single 'Face In The Crowd' from the self-titled debut album of Cat's Eyes was released; "...an anthem for total arsehole ladykillers, but it's also catchy as hell" such as it was commented on Defamer.com.au. Cat's Eyes consists of UK musician Faris Badwan (from the band 'The Horrors') and the Italian-Canadian opera soprano and multi-instrumentalist Rachel Zeffira, who sings (video below): "you're not the one, not the one, and not only that you're not anyone, anyone, you're not anyone, yeah you're not the one, not the one, you're not anyone at aaaaaaaall…"

The duo mixes several styles from 60s girl melodies to opera influences, goth-punk, Cowboy junkies rock and appear in their videos on extraordinary places such as in 'I Knew It Was Over' in a live performance in St. Peter's Basilica at the Vatican.

Fashionoffice reported several times about news from Cat's Eyes; the lastest entry was on 11th December about the new video filmed at the silicone curtain by Ron Arad which was even used this year by Hussein Chalayan for the presentation of the FW11 collaborative collection with Swarovski. More on plus.google.com.

Video: 'Face in the Crowd' by Cat's Eyes


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