23 December 2011 - Short Message

Best of #Music for #Fashion People in 2011 (about): album 'Crazy Clown Time' by David Lynch

On 8 November, Fashionoffice posted a short message about the release of the first solo music album of filmmaker ('Wild at Heart', 'Twin Peaks'...), artist (currently part of an exhibition at the Fondation Cartier in Paris), designer (has recently designed a nightclub in Paris) with reference to an article on Pitchfork.com where the music was compared to Lynch's movies.

On the new album, David Lynch plays guitar and sings - mainly with modulated voice; probably because he doesn't like his own voice such as Faz.net publishes in an article about 'The CD of the Week'. To hear David Lynch singing/speaking, you have to listen to the second track, because the album begins with 'Pinky's Dream' sung by guest musician Karen O from the band Yeah Yeah Yeah - Karen O introduces to the scenery made of road movie, nightbar, and today's crazy clown style. The album cover shows the hand of a poker player and accomplishes the contemporary music work visually.

Video: The second track on the album 'Crazy Clown Time' is the electro-pop dance song 'Good Day Today'. The video (directed by Arnold de Parscau) was selected by David Lynch as the winner entry of a competition which was announced by the filmmaker with a video call.


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