3 December 2011 - Short Message

#Music 'Future World' by Deckard: "...a disease of machinery ... they are designed by other computers, we don't know exactly how they work..."

...says a male voice, recorded in vintage 1960s style and layered over the electronic/space/culture-mix sound of 'Future World'. The track is published on the EP 'Future World' by the Munich based musician 'Deckard' (such as the male figure in Philip K. Dick's science fiction novel 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?', the basis for the movie 'Blade Runner'). Recently, the track 'Future World' was published for a short time as a free download on equinoxdigital.bandcamp.com/track/futureworld to promote Deckard's (aka Attila Makai) upcoming debut album (after three EPs) 'For A Better Tomorrow' with other musicians like Turkish singer Deniz Cagli.

The 12 tracks album 'For A Better Tomorrow' will be released digitally on 16 Dec, physically on vinyl on 23 Dec by Equinox Records. The record label introduces into the album on e-q-x.net/releases/?artist=deckard: "'For A Better Tomorrow' sounds contemporary and mature – like a gloomy yet prudent version of the future. While, at the same time, the partly sample-based titles and spoken word bits are traces into the past."

Deckard has just uploaded a preview mix to the album 'For A Better Tomorrow' on soundcloud.com/equinoxrecords/deckard-for-a-better-tomorrow-mix.

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