30 August 2011 - Short Message

#Media #art #video: 'Journey to an absolute vantage point' installation by Michelle Deignan

...in the style of a romance-spy-documentary is about the stereotypical delivery of information between a man and a woman; in this case about art and music (Caspar David Friedrich, Beethoven). The English text is spoken by a German actress, the soundtrack is composed by Michael Fleming (violin-cello-piano).

Irish artist Michelle Deignan's (born 1970, based in London) installations are made of videos, photographs and texts that are reflecting the construction of reality through media - it's about the free will and how it is manipulated, about truth and disinformation and how our views on the world - even when we take private snapshots, are preformatted. London based gallery Maria Stenfors announces the exhibition 'Michelle Deignan - Posing as a subject amongst subjects' with new works (16 Sept – 23 Oct 2011).

"But her real protagonist may be the casual snapper, who by taking the photo has placed themselves within a matrix of viewership and receivership, apparently choosing their delightful shots from an individual free will, while at the same time the perpetuator of a pre-determined set of postcard images." mariastenfors.com

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