29 July 2011 - Short Message

Design-Biennial: in Istanbul about new trends in design

From 13 October to 16 December 2012, Istanbul hosts the city's first Design Biennial (fashion, textile, new media design, interior...) under the direction of international experts. The theme of the Istanbul Design Biennial is 'Imperfection'.

Deyan Sudjic, member of the board and director of the Design Museum in London, introduces into the theme and explains the new trends in design with the users' wish for individuality and new possibilities in industrial production since the 'machines' began to anonymize everyday objects in the 19th century. "It becomes possible to introduce the possibility of variation and individuality into the process. So shiny glossy surfaces can be replaced by lesser degrees of polish. Pure geometry is not the only possible formal language. Pure colour can give way to muddy mixes...." Read the full text on tasarimbienali.iksv.org/en/biennial/theme.

More information for designers who are interested to participate will be published by the Istanbul Design Biennial in October 2011.

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