9 December 2011 - Short Message

#Computer modified portraits of and by #women at the Annenberg Space for #Photography

California based photographer Brooke Shaden's digitally refined photography of women in dream sceneries that remember fantastic realistic paintings, and the computer modified vintage photos with surreal storylines by Maggie Taylor (Florida) will be presented together with the work of 15 other artists in the exhibition 'Digital Darkroom' from 17 December 2011 until 28 May 2012 at the Annenberg Space for Photography in Los Angeles. 'Digital Darkroom' explores the intersection of art and technology, the altered realities which are developed from photography and digital or darkroom manipulation.

Curatorial advisor of the exhibition is Russell Brown, Senior Creative Director at Adobe Systems Incorporated. The Emmy Award-winning instructor publishes online The Russel Brown Show with movie tutorials for digital artists, photographers, publishers.

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