17 November 2011 - Short Message

View on #fashion #advertising by #Fashionoffice publisher Karin Sawetz

This week, three fashion campaigns with polarizing content were gone public:

I will begin with the funniest one as it shows women who all want to look the same and are complaisant players in the fashion circus. The Versace for H&M campaign shows blonde models styled like Donatella Versace, hanging like puppets on strings, running like a hamster in a wheel and perform like circus-animals in a cage. Fashion addicts know the name behind the campaign - Johan Renck, who is the creative head of the sexy humorous Agent Provocateur campaigns or the recently released 'Rihanna' Armani jeans video. I like the self-irony of the fashion video when Donatella says: "My house. My rules. My pleasure." Donatella Versace introduces in a making-of video to the set: youtu.be/I5vkqe8z6f0.

The next campaign I will mention on this page is an Austrian product which presents underwear by Palmers in a story about a blind woman (Palmers underwear campaign 2011). To pack disability and the beauty of a female body into one story is even in our days and in Austria's open minded culture a delicate subject and as far as I have received the latest news, the organizations which are involved haven't found a decision if the campaign is in line with society's moral rules. The making-of video to the Palmers campaign gives some insights into the motivation of the producers and shows their collaboration with a help organization for blind people.

The third is Benetton's 'Unhate' campaign. It is funny as it shows political leaders peacefully kissing each other (such as Angela Merkel and Nicholas Sarkozy - they are looking so nice), and viewed from another perspective, the campaign can be criticized because it works with manipulated pictures such as The Guardian cites a Vatican spokesman. And yes, I accord with the Vatican that there is not so much truth in advertising - but it carries many wishes.

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