11 July 2011 - Short Message

Fashion/art: by Schiaparelli, Delaunay, Yves Saint Laurent... in exhibition at the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag

...from 3 September 2011 until 8 January 2012. The exhibition 'Fashion and Art, A Passionate Affair' will not only show clothes like Elsa Schiaparelli's surrealistic creations from the 1920/30s, Sonia Delaunay's 1920s fabric designs influenced by the abstract paintings of her friends Arp, Kandinsky, or Yves Saint Laurent's Mondrian dresses from the sixties, but also prominent women like Aletta Jacobs (the first woman who completed university in the Netherlands with a doctor degree) who promoted in the late 19th century loose fitting dresses for better body movement and how designers were involved into this fashion revolution.

Even the accompanying catalogue by author Madelief Hohé will follow the idea that innovative design requires powerful women and vice versa and will feature women who love fashion like art.

"This new exhibition 'Fashion and Art, A Passionate Affair' will show how attire is used by powerful women to stand out from the crowd and how art has often been a major source of inspiration for dress designers." gemeentemuseum.nl/index.php?id=36956&langId=en
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