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fig. original: 'The Obama Joint' t-shirt by 'Brooklyn Bandit' & the musicians of 'Poetic Republic', SS2011. The image is from the 'Poetic Republic'-lookbook featuring the limited edition of t-shirts by the New York denim brand Brooklyn Bandit. The members of the US hip-hop band 'Poetic Republic' are photographed on roof tops in New York City. Right on the photo, you can see the 'The Obama Joint' t-shirt from the SS2011 collection. On the label's website, Brooklyn Bandit writes: "He brought change to the country, and we're bringing change to Streetwear!"

fig. original: Niran Avisar, winner of the 2011 Diesel Award, with model in Avisar's jeans designs on the catwalk of the 10th ITS (International Talent Support) event on 16 July 2011 in Trieste, Italy. Niran Avisar is student of the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in Ramat Gan, Israel.

"Niran’s collection pays a tribute to the male gender and its fragile masculinity creating a dialogue between Egon Schiele's figures and his outfits," informs Diesel about the winner. Alongside to a cash prize, Diesel offers Niran Avisar an internship of 6 months within the Diesel Creative Team in Italy.
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