Fuck winter

...is really a great name for winter knit caps.

The caps are from the label 'Fuck Winter' by Vienna based Katharina Schober, who had in 2009 the idea to post her antipathy against winter in the city and the cold days by hand stitching on her head wear. Today, she spreads the message professionally on caps, scarves, and eye-catching accessories.

Katharina Schober loves summer; probably that's the reason why her caps have a touch of the friendliness of the spring/summer season like the ones from the FW2011/12 collection on this page (original photo) in light grey and stitching in handwritten style.

Fashionoffice likes the caps: they bring good humour into the cold days of winter.

Source: Original article with image on http://www.fashionoffice.org/collections/2011/fashionofficelikes9-2011-II.htm.

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