31 October 2011 - Short Message

#Fashion photography, design in exhibition in Vienna

In autumn 2011, Vienna celebrates fashion from the view of photography and design in exhibition spaces of the Kunsthalle Wien at the MQ MuseumsQuartier and the project space at the Karlsplatz. Three inspiring exhibitions for the ones who enjoy a playful approach to fashion and its cultural impact!

Since 21 October, the exhibition 'Vanity' introduces into the impact photographers, images, fashion have on culture and consequently the concepts of the valuation of the persons - subjects, objects we see, and the themes we think and speak about. Until 12 February 2012, around 200 works from the collection F.C. Gundlach are on show. The collection by F.C. Gundlach, who is himself a fashion photographer, is one of the most extensive in the German speaking countries.

On 2 November 2011, fashion designer Petar Petrov (born in Bulgaria, studied at the University of Applied Art Vienna) invites to the opening of the exhibition 'Massanfertigung' (could be translated as 'tailor-fit', runs from 3 November until 3 December) where he throws a light onto fashion and its tradition to 'define' our world in the meaning of 'building borders' or 'living spaces'. Petar Petrov presents in 'Massanfertigung' together with designer Tino Valentinitsch and the musician Anja Plaschg alias Soap&Skin a space made of light-walls. The virtual space stands for the interdisciplinarity of Petrov's process of making fashion (he combines different styles - keyword 'crossover', and is inspired by the world and various art/creative disciplines around him) and how this reflects back into the 'public' space.

fig. original: Petar Petrov. Photo: Jork Weismann, 2009.

10 November 2011: Even the next exhibition questions the tradition of fashion and photography and focuses on gender, the body and ideals of a society. 'No fashion, please! Photography between gender and lifestyle' (10 November 2011 - 22 January 2012) shows partly 'utopian-looking dresses' in sceneries and the style of fashion photography - but the dresses are only players in stories that have not much to do with wearable clothes...

Inspiring video found on the research about the exhibitions and the artists: Italian Disco Queen 'Hard Ton' tributes fashion performance artist Leigh Bowery
The video shows the Venezia (IT) based Disco Queen 'Hard Ton' in a tribute to the Australia born (1961) and in London (1994) died fashion artist Leigh Bowery. Leigh Bowery is a representative of the Londoner punk and gay scene. Bowery's work is part of the 'No fashion, please!' exhibition at the Kunsthalle Wien.


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