1 September 2011 - Short Message

#Women #photography: Siberian supermodels seen by Anastasia Taylor-Lind

The work of the awarded English documentary photographer Anastasia Taylor-Lind (contributions to Marie Claire, GEO Germany...) has been already exhibited at the Saatchi Gallery or The National Portrait Gallery in London. On her website, Taylor-Lind publishes her series 'Women of the Cossack Resurgence' about the military education of women, which is relatively new as women had not been allowed to join the military formations in former times.

The documentary photographer (educated at the University of Wales Newport and the London College of Communication) gives insights into the situation of girls in Cossack military schools where they are trained by following the idea to resurrect the spirit of the 'Amazons'. The series contain great photos from the women's life in dining rooms, school classes, gym, and shots from the horse training - don't miss the last in the online slideshow of an 18 year old bathing her horse in the Black Sea; the girl belongs to a Cossack group which sells pony rides to tourists during the summer months anastasiataylorlind.com.

Now, the Bourse Fnac (Fnac belongs to the group PPR - La Redoute, Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney...) in Paris and Toulon presents the 'Women of the Cossack - Siberian Supermodels' seen by Anastasia Taylor-Lind from 15 Sept to 31 October 2011 fnac.com/Decouvrez-l-exposition-d-Anastasia-Taylor-Lind-laureate-Bourse-Fnac/cp9860/w-4.

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