12 December 2011 - Short Message

#Music and #video project: electronic musicians team up with #fashion videographer

The five Australian/South African electronic dance musicians of 'Clubfeet' have teamed up with Sydney based Alex Goddard. The director and videographer Goddard works for fashion designers such as Carly Hunter (fashion film 'Observations in Hibernation') and names like Redken, Sony, Kitsune... can be found on the director's clients list.

Some months ago, the 'Gold on Gold' collaborative video project between Clubfeet and Alex Goddard started to be published online. The website's video 'Count Your Lovers' for example shows a woman in swimwear or lingerie (?) in a pin-up alike scenery (video below); the production 'Last Words' (about a couple on bicycles) was recently introduced on The Guardian with the words "If you want your music videos to look amazing, it's probably a good idea to collaborate with a fashion videographer."

And the latest production 'Fall From Here' - it's the fifth on the website, is already online, but with restrictions - more about accessing the 'Private Video' on goldongold.tv/fall_from_here.html.

Video: 'Count Your Lovers' by Clubfeet, directed by Alex Goddard from the album 'Gold on Gold'.


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