21 December 2011 - Short Message

Best of #Music for #Fashion People in 2011 (about): music from Goldton Records

Vienna based electronic music record label 'Goldton' has released in 2011 several tracks such as 'Dogon Dip Tank' by Mikka Blank who delivered in summer a mixtape made of tracks by Goldton artists for the Austrian radio station FM4. The mixtape gives probably the best insight into the repertoire of the label.

Recently on 25 November, the new electro/techno dancefloor track by The Kung Fu Divas 'Who Is The KFD' was presented with a video and the introducing words: ""Who Is The KFD" is a minimalistic anthem for the advanced electro/techno-friendly dancefloor, complete with floorcrushing bass and no-sense-lyrics."

Video: 'Who Is The KFD' by The Kung Fu Divas; the track is available on itunes.apple.com. It's the first video in the history of the Kung Fu Divas. "It all started when fellow surf-cracks Hubert Mühlbacher and Philipp Schwarz came across the idea of mounting small videocameras on their surfboards while riding, duckdiving and whatnot on the shores of Spain, Portugal and Croatia - mastercutter Boris Steiner later put his wizardry to work and - voilá!" goldton.net.


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