New Age esthetics in music

...seen at the video 'Clouds Over The Pacific' by James Pants (music) and Iasos (visuals); released online on 15 August 2011.

The video's 'New Age'-esthetics originates from the late 70s/early 80s; it was the time when the 'virtualisation' of life through computers became a theme.

For 'Clouds Over The Pacific', US musician James Pants worked together with Iasos who is a pioneer of New Age music and videos. The track 'Clouds Over The Pacific' is from the self-entitled 'James Pants'-album (released in May 2011, Stones Throw Records): "It's that Twin Peaks sound. More noise and wailing guitars," says James Pants.

Iasos produced his first 'New Age'-video with the title 'Crystal Vista' in the early 80s. The video received an art award and was selected for the US nation-wide 'Consumer Electronics Show'. Iasos' music has been used by NASA, Encyclopedia Britannica, Hewlett Packard...

Video 'Clouds Over The Pacific'

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