15 December 2011 - Short Message

Best of #music and #fashion in 2011 (about): #video 'Switchblade Smile' by Kasabian and Aitor Throup

The British rock band Kasabian has presented this year a video which delivers content for fashion addicts! Men's wear designer and conceptual artist Aitor Throup incorporated his sportive, futuristic-vintage style as director into the music video 'Switchblade Smile'. More on fashionoffice.org/music/2011/aitorthroup8-2011.htm.

Video: The latest video of Kasabian has nothing to do with fashion - but shows a funny car race for the track 'Re-Wired'. The single from the new album 'Velociraptor!' was released on 20 November 2011; in January 2012, the Super Deluxe Box of the album 'Velociraptor!' will be released with focus on artwork and behind the scene information.


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