13 December 2011 - Short Message

#Fashionoffice: #Austrian #kitchen sight in December 2011 by publisher Karin Sawetz

Austria has like every other country a 'regional' kitchen; the cooks are not internationally known 'stars' like Jamie Oliver, but let's say 'famous' for country insiders. The Austrian National Tourist Office provides information about cooks, regional kitchen and invites to cooking courses on the pages for example for Danish or Swiss tourists. (I haven't found courses for French or Italian visitors.)

How important it is to acquire kitchen-knowledge becomes obvious when you try to get a seat in a Viennese restaurant in the days before Christmas; no chance without pre-registration! My very personal tip: check into one of the courses and learn how to 'wine and dine' at home!

Video: Wrenkh Wiener Kochsalon is one of the famous cook salons in Austria.


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