Pioneers' faces broken into Berliner walls

In early July 2011, jeans label Levi's started in Berlin a street art project that features pioneers of the city with portraitures broken into walls on occasion of its global campaign 'Go Forth'.

fig. original: One of the pioneers is Berlin based Fadi Saad who is portrayed by the Portuguese street artist 'Vhils' (aka Alexandre Farto) on a wall at the Revalerstr. 99 in Berlin (seen in July 2011). Vhils creates a new form of street art: he combines artful detonations on the upper layer of a wall and painting for his graffiti.

Video: Vhils explosions at the Levi's 'Now is our TIME!' launch in Berlin, early July 2011. Music by the Portugese band 'Orelha Negra'.

Fadi Saad (a German with Palestinian roots) is a social pioneer and works against violence and crime. One of his main issues it to help immigrant teens to acclimate into German society. "It's one thing to want to talk about these issues politically, to explain the conditions and describe them so as to get the resulting problems under control – this is incredibly important, no question. But it's something else completely to actually mediate between these two worlds and to try to bring cultures together. The people who can do this best are those of us who are active in both worlds, in other words those of us who are of Arab or Turkish origin but who are also familiar with and feel comfortable in central European culture," says Fadi Saad.

From 7 July to 18 August 2011, guests are invites to visit the 'Go Forth' screen printing workshop. You can create together with specialists art work for paper or textiles and print them on own cards or t-shirts. Details on


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