8 November 2011 - Short Message

#Performance opens the exhibition 'No fashion, please! #Photography between gender and lifestyle' in #Vienna

On 9 November 2011, the Vienna/Hamburg based music and performance group 'Martin & The evil eyes of Nu' will open the exhibition 'No fashion, please!' at the Kunsthalle Wien. 'No fashion, please!' questions the tradition of fashion and photography and focuses on gender, the body and ideals of a society. 'No fashion, please! Photography between gender and lifestyle' (10 November 2011 - 22 January 2012) shows partly 'utopian-looking dresses' in sceneries and the style of fashion photography - but the dresses are only players in stories that have not much to do with wearable clothes...

Video: 'Boulevard' (Vienna 2011) shows two members of the art trio in black outfits, red high heels and red male sport protection gear on the shoulders performing to 80ies inspired electronic music. More about on mateeon.net.


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