New meaning of art-design-objects by re-contextualization

In late September 2011, the Belgian headquartered creative bureau Mooz opened its online gallery/shop 'Moozeum' with focus on art, fashion, design with works by artists like Sofie Boons, who presents perfume enclosed in jewellery as remembrance of transiency, and Jan Marechal, who places familiar symbols in a new style into homes. Sofie Boons and Jan Marechal are only two names of a longer list of exhibiting artists at the Moozeum online gallery.

fig. original: Ring 'Eternalised Scent' by Sofie Boons, seen in October 2011. The glass is filled with perfume oil and references the evanescence of scents. Another piece on is the 'Nose Brooch'. "We all wear our own scent as a permanent accessory and these silver nose brooches by Sofie Boons are a fun way of drawing attention to this." explains

fig. original: 'Velvet Morning' by Jan Marechal, seen in October 2011. 'Velvet Morning' is an abstraction of a bull head or another horned animal and looks like a robot-toy. The porcelain sculpture is installed like a hunting trophy on the wall.

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