23 September 2011 - Short Message

#Art #fabrics: artist in culture typical textiles explores trends in #globalization

...in Venice and with a social-researcher alike interview-installation in London.

Venice: In Thailand and Japan living artist Navin Rawanchaikul (born 1971 from Indian parents) is representing Thailand this year at the 54th Biennale di Venezia (until 27 November). He has turned the pavilion into a 'Paradiso di Navin' - a multimedia art installation with restaurant and bar dressed up in indigenous Pha Khao Mar textile motifs. The textiles are from Jim Thomson's Thai Silk Company which is one of the most important producers of the country. The founder has invented in the 1950s new production technologies and distribution methods (keyword: globalization) for the Thai silk industry (documentary about Jim Thomson).

In the video below, Navin Rawanchaikul wears a jacket in the signature colorful material.

London: Since 14 September 2011, he is part of the exhibition 'Entanglement: the Ambivalence of Identity' about identity in a globalised world at Iniva in London (until 19 November). Together with four other artists, Navin Rawanchaikul explores the impact of living in various cultures on identity. His installation Hong Rub Khaek (Khaek Welcome) presents interviews with Indian migrants who live in Thailand about 'home' in a new culture. Details about the exhibition on iniva.org/press/2011/entanglement.


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