"Sometimes you just need the perfect plan to survive"

...is the short plot of the movie by Finnish fashion designer and filmmaker Paola Suhonen. The movie plays in the early 1980s and tells the story about a Brooklyn band which wants to be famous, about friends, and a murder.

In October 2011, Paola Suhonen presented her newest project 'Gone With The River', filmed in the style of 'True Fiction'-cinema with mysterious images and fashion pieces by the Finnish label Seppälä which is the executive producer of the short film. The women's wear in the movie is designed by Paola Suhonen herself for the designer collection 'Paola Suhonen By Seppälä' FW2011/12.

Paola Suhonen started her own fashion/art project 'Ivana Helsinki' in 1998. In September 2011, the designer presented the Ivana Helsinki SS2012 collection 'Indian Summer' made of sunburned cotton and feather prints during New York Fashion Week.

fig. original: Mood image of the collection 'Paola Suhonen By Seppälä', FW2011/12. Photo: (C) Seppälä/Therese + Joel 2011. All rights reserved.

fig. original: One signature design of the new fashion work of Suhonen - the feather prints, can be found again at 'Paola Suhonen By Seppälä' - now in a more elegant interpretation on around the neckline and shoulders on dresses and on wide skirts.

Paola Suhonen works at this time on her next film project with Tero Potila and country singer/songwriter Chip Taylor.

Video: Trailer of the short film 'Gone With The River' by Paola Suhonen/lvanaHelsinki Cinema 2011; starring Erika Spring Forster (Au Revoir Simone), Alexa Wilding and Christina Ewald.
The women's wear in the movie is from the 'Paola Suhonen By Seppälä' FW2011/12 line (comes in a limited edition into shops in November 2011), the night wear and men's wear are from the current Seppälä collections. The theme song 'Gone With The River' of the movie's soundtrack (composed by Tero Potila) is written by Los Angeles based singer Melinda Ortner together with Tero Potila.

Source: Original article with images and video on http://www.confashion.com/fw2011/paolasuhonen10-2011.htm.

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