23 November 2011 - Short Message

Re-listen #music by Karin Sawetz: 'What A Day That Was' by David Byrne from the album 'The Catherine Wheel'

"Well, I'm dressed up so nice..." begins the track 'What A Day That Was' from the album 'The Catherine Wheel' (1981) by David Byrne. I re-listen the song today because my namesday is soon and the album tells the story about my patron saint Catherine of Alexandria. The saint is adorned by various religions, is the patron of couturiers, philosophers, librarians... and is celebrated each year on 24 or 25 November (belongs to the religion). The wheel stands for the wisdom of god. Catherine stood up for a new society. This was the reason why she was bonded on the torture-wheel. But the wheel broke and (god) punished her accusers.

'The Catherine Wheel' music story
In 1981 the ballet, directed by Twyla Tharp, with the music of David Byrne's 'The Catherine Wheel' premiered on Broadway. The story follows with some modifications (adjustments to our times) the legend of Saint Catherine of Alexandria (lived end of 3rd until the early 4th century). You can watch the ballet on a video by the Twyla Tharp Dance Foundation.

Video: Live performance 'What A Day That Was' by the Talking Heads.


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