22 September 2011 - Short Message

#Music history and presence: in a documentary about Afro-Beat

Sine 2009, musician Siji and his film team throw light on the history and presence of Afro-music. Now, the film crew has started a fundraising to finance the musical journey under the title 'Elder's Corner' and to continue the chronicle about the lives and works of Nigeria's music icons and to "interview a few more key icons particularly those from both the eastern and northern parts of Nigeria, as well as key contributors including historians, ethnomusicologists and political figures." says Siji about the project kickstarter.com/projects/1748556257/elders-corner.

Video: The music video 'Ijo' (released in early 2011) shows different dance styles like pin drop, the split, synchro, fire dance... in the scenery of an audition in Lagos (Nigeria) by the British born, in New York living musician Siji, who collaborated for the song with producer/DJ Alix Alvarez.

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