SPORT SIGHT by Karin Sawetz, November 2011

Where couturiers become sportive

I like the photo showing Viennese couturier Thomas Kirchgrabner in a football shirt! The photo was captured on 23 November at the party of Sports Experts on occasion of the 20th anniversary of the retailer and the premiere of the new interior design of the label's flagship store at the Mariahilfer Strasse in Vienna. Athletes like windsurf world champion Bjoern Dunkerbeck, actors, and fashion people used the 'Walk of Fame' - a floor-navigation through the more than 3000 square meters store which is designed by the Spanish architects Castelveciana.

fig. original: Austrian radio and TV (ORF) star Tom Walek (called the 'Ironman') and fashion designer Thomas Kirchgrabner on 23 November 2011 at Sports Experts in Vienna. Photo: Andreas Tischler.

Thomas Kirchgrabner is known for designs with a touch of couture. He is the head of creation at the Viennese fashion house Liska and has received in June 2011 the 'Designer of the Year Award' at the Vienna Fashion Night. In 2006, Thomas Kirchgrabner's 'Metropolitan Dandy' designs received the Ringstrassen Galerien Award. In 2007, he directed the Life Ball Style Bible.

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