1 October 2011 - Short Message

#Art for album covers: Storm Thorgerson's artwork for #musicians in exhibition in London

Art by Storm Thorgerson - started in the late 60s and works for musicians like Muse (video 'Uprising', 2009), will be exhibited from 21 October until mid-November 2011 at the Idea Generation Gallery in London. Storm Thorgerson's collaborative group 'Hipgnosis' (Aubrey Powell, Peter Christopherson, Storm Thorgerson, occasionally George Hardie) created legendary covers like 'Wish You Were Here' (vinyl front) by Pink Floyd (1975 EMI); Storm Studios (Peter Curzon, Dan Abbott, Rupert Truman, Lee Baker, Jerry Sweet, Laura Truman, Storm Thorgerson) has famous clients like Muse, Ian Dury... on the list.

"There is a mysterious element to the work but the meaning is less important than the finished result. It matters more that the musicians and the fans like it, not that they get the meaning, just as it is with songs where people are in effect free to make their own interpretations." explains Idea Generation Gallery the work of Storm Thorgerson gallery.ideageneration.co.uk. The exhibition 'Big & Small. From billboards to downloads' invites visitors additionally to interactive installations to make their own album covers.

Link tip: The website stormthorgerson.com provides insights into the artwork of Storm Thorgerson with anecdotes like about the Muse video 'Uprising': "One idea involved burying 150 teddy bears in a country field (huh? how mean is that?)."

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