12 August 2011 - Short Message

Music/movie: California-Mexican sounds by Calexico for the new comedy 'The Guard'

US band Calexico contributed the sound to the new movie about an Irish country policeman and an American FBI agent; the movie trailer gives some insights into the subversive humour of 'The Guard'. Writer/director John Michael McDonagh had a classical 'Western' in mind when he was working on the story about the two men who are after international drug-smugglers in West Ireland.

Stars of the movie are Brendan Gleeson (Irish Sergeant Gerry Boyle) and Don Cheadle (FBI agent Wendell Everett). Director John Michael McDonagh says about his music-selection: "I picked Calexico, because I didn't want tiddly-i-di Irish music. I wanted it Ennio Morricone-style. I was listening to a couple of their albums and every so often a song would come along, or an instrumental and I'd think, that's very cinematic. How could I get them? And then I'd say to myself, no, they won't do it. But I asked and they came back to me and wanted to see the script. They told me they loved it and I said I'd like to ask them to 'do' Morricone for it and they agreed."

'The Guard' started already at the end of July 2011 in US, comes into cinemas in August in Russia, UK, in September in Greece, Belgium, Germany... imdb.com/title/tt1540133/releaseinfo.

Video: Scenes from movie 'The Guard' and interview with director John Michael McDonagh


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