10 August 2011 - Short Message

Art: Thierry Alet's 'Blood' paper work at Galerie Michèle Cazanove, Guadeloupe

Caribbean (Martinique, 1965) born, now in New York/Guadeloupe living artist Thierry Alet focuses in his work (sculptures, paintings) on 'remembrance'; he is following the idea to keep the remembrance of history alive even when people and the world have changed - such as he explained on occasion of the exhibition of his sculpture 'Blood' in June/July 2011 in Paris youtu.be/j6gjExHgAdo.

Now, the Galerie Michèle Cazanove in Guadeloupe presents paper works by Thierry Alet which show texts as a reflection of literature by French/Martinique poet/politician Aime Cesaire whose main theme was colonialism, poet/diplomat Saint-John Perse, who won a Nobel Prize for his poetry, and words inspired by the poet and politician Léon-Gontran Damas. Damas was one of the founders of the Negritude movement. The son of white/black parents entitled his first volume of poetry in 1937 'Pigments'. 

Thierry Alet's paper "...work explores the idea expressed by Leon Gontran Damas that memory is not in the brain but in the BLOOD. Stating that traumas are passed thru generations if there are not addressed." divafair.com.  


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